Welcome to Digital Literacy


Welcome Freshman!

Digital Literacy is an introduction class to becoming a well-educated, safe, and successful 21st century online learner. You will be taught how to use a bunch of different web 2.0 tools and sites you can use in the future for online courses, presentations, and future jobs. It's very important these days that you know what your doing on the internet and making sure what you're doing is safe and smart. I will be showing you just some of the things we have learned about freshman year.

The websites above have been our go-to sites for class projects, presentations, and more for our freshman year at Res.


What is genius hour?

Genius hour is a semester project full of research on the topic of your choice and blogs about your journey. Genius hour helps you better understand how to research, cite images, cite articles, blog, and finish things in a timely manner.
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