Wild About Wixie!

"Wixi-fy" your instruction

Collaborative Wixie Projects

Collaborative Book

Students have worked together in groups to research about a topic and their next step is to create a book about the topic. Students create an outline for their book and assign sections for each student.

Individual students start a Wixie page about their individual assigned section.
As each student finishes, they will save their work, then click the Wixie Hand icon and select Share. This shares this page with any classes that they are a member of.
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A file with the blue share icon in the corner indicates that the file has been shared with their classes.
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Once all students are finished with their individual pages, then using one student account they will combine their pages.

Have one student open a New Wixie Project. Click the Wixie Hand and select Import Pages.
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Select one student who is in their group and select the page that is part of their collaborative project.Then click Choose Pages. Repeat with each member of the group, including themselves.
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The group can then finalize the project by using either the Send option to export/print the project or Share the final project so that it can be viewed online.

Class Books

Teachers love to make class books. This same process can be used where students share their projects and a teacher goes through and creates a new project using individual student projects. Then they can expore/print/post online to share the class book!

Divide and Conquer

Set up collaborative projects in a divide and conquer framework and your students can work collaboratively in Wixie.