The Escape

Johnny Cade And Ponyboy Curtis Has Made An Escape

What Are They Running From?

After the killing, Johnny Cade, 16 years old, and Ponyboy Curtis, 14 years old, made an escape. It is unknown as to where they are, but the police are trying to locate them. There was a tip that they may have left to go to Texas, but it's not certain yet. No one knows what they're really running from, since it was for self-defense, so they might be shaky, anxious, and frightened. They left the night the killing happened, leaving no note or hint as to where they really are, and there is no positive trail at the moment. It seems that the two boys were in a hurry, which leaves many people confused. What are they running from exactly? It could be fear of being arrested, or maybe fear from the other boys that were helping Bob Sheldon. There is also no telling when they'll be back either. They could be gone for a few days, or even a few months, but no one knows. Ponyboy was almost drowned, which would've been man-slaughter if Johnny hadn't stabbed Bob. So, no one really quite knows why the two best friends are running.