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Content Summary: For NYC abortion services, PARKMEDnyc is where people go for experienced, compassionate care.

When women need NYC abortion services, they trust the caring professionals at PARKMEDnyc. Our focus is on giving women the help they need to be reproductively healthy throughout their lives. We offer experienced, skilled and confidential service that you can count on.

At PARKMEDnyc, we understand what it’s like for you if you have an unplanned pregnancy. You may be confused and uncertain where to go for help. It’s important to seek the help of professionals with experience in this area, and who care about your overall health and well-being. We have been practicing in the Midtown Manhattan area for over 35 years, and our patients know that they can always trust our expert care. Our full range of services include:

Pregnancy termination procedures and pills

Different types of contraceptive options, including tubal ligation

Pap smear

Annual GYN examinations

Pregnancy testing

STD testing

Treatment for urinary incontinence

Infertility issues

You will always be treated here by board-certified physicians, and we have a multi-lingual staff who will make sure that you are fully understood. We offer abortion counseling in a private or group setting, depending on your preference, and we will always do our best to make sure you’re comfortable.

For NYC abortion services, come to PARKMEDnyc. We accept Medicaid and most private health insurance plans. Same-day appointments are available, and most procedures are completed within one day. Call today for an appointment.

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Content Summary: When you need NYC abortion service and counseling, PARKMEDnyc is the right choice to top-quality care.

In NYC, abortion procedures and non-surgical options are available at PARKMEDnyc. We offer a variety of options depending on your situation in a caring and confidential environment. We care about your health and your safety here, and it’s apparent in everything that we do.

When you come to us because you suspect or have confirmed an unwanted pregnancy, you’ll know right away that you are dealing with a caring staff. We’ll provide you with counseling and go over your options with you, based on your circumstances and preferences.

Options include aspiration procedure for early pregnancy, where suction curettage is used to terminate the pregnancy. Medical abortion can also be used during early pregnancy. This method involves taking a pill that arrests the development of the pregnancy, resulting in miscarriage. We offer different anesthesia options for procedures, and your vital statistics will always be carefully monitored.

You can call us at any time of the day or night after your procedure if you believe there may be a problem. Though problems are rare, they can happen, and we will be available for immediate help.

When you need NYC abortion counseling and service, you can trust the experienced and compassionate professionals at PARKMEDnyc. Your treatment here will always be safe and confidential, and our services are trusted by doctors throughout the area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Content Summary: When you need information on NYC abortion costs and procedures, PARKMEDnyc professionals are here to talk with you.

When you find yourself with an unwanted pregnancy in NYC, abortion costs and other issues are foremost on your mind. It’s important to seek the help of medical professionals who are able to answer your questions and provide you with the right solutions. That’s what you’ll find at PARKMEDnyc. Since 1971, we have been helping women deal with these issues in a confidential and experienced way.

One of the most common early-pregnancy abortion procedures performed at our clinic is Manual Vacuum Aspiration. Usually done using a local anesthetic, this procedure involves inserting a tube through the cervical opening and aspirating the contents of the uterus. The entire process is short in duration, and you’ll be given pain medication for any discomfort. Generally anesthesia is available if you prefer it.

We offer immediate appointments to our patients, because we realize that time is of the essence. The MVA procedure has proven to be safe and effective, and is either used as a first resource or if the abortion pill does not work for some reason. We’ll work with your insurance company, and we keep our costs reasonable.

When you need information on NYC abortion costs and procedures, talk to the dedicated team at PARKMEDnyc. We offer free pregnancy tests, confidential counseling, and caring treatment all during your time with us. We care about women’s health here! Call today and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.