Welcome To Farthenwood

Welcome To The House!

- The Biggest Fraud In Town -

Want to know what happens? Do you want to be prince? Stick around do find out what happens.

- Whats Going On Now? -

1. The biggest fraud of the century

2. Prince Jaron lost at sea

3. King Eckbert's family "on a trip"

- Who You Need To Be Friends With -

Trust me on this. If you are not and make one mistake you can find you self dead or in the dungeon getting whipped. If you want to survive do whats right.

- What is Happening? -

- Important Stuff to Know -

  • Three children got chosen to pose as the "False Prince".
  • The three children go through a series of tests.
  • They will do whatever they have to, to survive and become prince.

- Who Has Been Chosen? -

- Secrets About Conner -

  • Conner is suspected for killing the royal family and sending pirates to kill Prince Jaron.
  • Conner has Queen Erin's box, a box with drawings of Prince Jaron.
  • Conner's house, Farthenwood, has secret tunnels in the walls.

- The Main Servants -

  • Mott
  • Creagon
  • Imogen

- Where They Were The Most -

  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Room
  • Library

- What You Need To Do To Be Prince -

Prince Jaron was known for being able to roll a coin over his knuckles. He could scale a stone wall with his hands, and was a great fighter.