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Your News for What's Happening in Room 404-Jan 11, 2016

Reading News

This week students will become familiar with the last expository text structure, Question & Answer. Our mentor text for this structure is If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon. This text structure is the most predictable as the page usually has a bolded question as the heading followed by the answer to the question. This answer typically consists of multiple paragraphs full of text and information. Students will be introduced to the graphic organizer for this structure and spend time filling in the organizer with information from our mentor text and a separate article. We will also spend some time wrapping up the work we started last week with compare & contrast text structure.

Writing News

In writing, we are continuing on with our study of how to write for a testing situation. Thus far, students have learned how to break apart the prompt page to find the charge. We then do the brainstorming necessary to arrive at a topic that fits the prompt. The next step is organizing our information, thoughts, main ideas to prepare for drafting. This week we will draft our main ideas and try adding our introduction and conclusion. We have taken our knowledge of the expository writing pillar and altered it to the expository I, which helps us shrink and zoom in on our focus to fit the 26 line writing paper that will be used on the STAAR writing test. This week we are writing about a special place and explaining why it is important to us.

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Students using the Expository I to organize and then draft their main ideas
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Grammar/Spelling News

We will not start a new spelling rule or pattern this week. We will continue to work with previous rules. Spelling lists have either gone home or are coming home to those of you that requested them. One of the activities we do with our words is sort them by parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs

Below students are sorting their words and using to check their sort.

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Staying Connected

Just a reminder about reading log homework: Students are expected to decide on a book and carry the book between school and home as many nights as necessary until the book has been completed. Students are encouraged not to have too many books going but rather, to work to build stamina within the same text over time. Reading Logs are checked each morning for out of class reading. You can help your child by setting aside some nightly reading time. Reading Logs are kept in the red Homework folder and are to be filled in daily. Remember you can check book levels at

There is even a handy app that can be downloaded to your phone, iPad or other device.

Monday, January 18 - MLK Day, School Holiday

Wednesday, January 27 - Early Release

Tuesday, February 2 - Practice Writing STAAR Test

Monday, February 15 - Staff Development, Student Holiday