Winborn Weekly Bulletin

Friday, October 16, 2015

A word from Kris

Uplift... I love thinking about the physics of flight. There are so many factors that have to interact perfectly to uplift an object.

This makes me think about how many factors that we need to uplift each other in our organization. Maybe our students and our babies can help us focus on UP...from the time babies are old enough to talk they want UP - pick me up... our focus is always on getting up!!! Take some time this next week to focus on getting up - soaring upwards, helping others up... Take time to uplift yourself and each other...together we will SOAR.

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I-station begins on Monday, October 19th.

Specials & Recess change for October 27th

4th & 5th grades will be switching specials times and 5th grade will go to recess at 8:30am on October 27th.

Calendar week of 10/19-10/23

Tina for Announcements; Gold Week in the Library; F&P Testing 9/8-10/30; mClass Window 10/1 - 10/30 5th Grade DLA 10/1-10/15; 4th Grade Writing & Reading DLA; 3rd & 4th Math DLA1; Skate 101 in PE; Digital Citizenship Week

Monday, 10/19 - Rotation Day 6; I-Station 7:45am; Challenge; 2nd Grading Period begins; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Report card grades submitted; Lego Club 3:45pm in library; CAT Meeting 4pm (location TBA)

Tuesday, 10/20 - Rotation Day 1; RTI - 3rd;I-Station 7:45am; Challenge; Sacred Planning; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Report card grade changes; Love & Logic Parent Training @ FE 9-10:30am; AP Meeting 9:30am; AB Visit; School Store during lunches; ASD - Sartor

Wednesday, 10/21 - Rotation Day 2; RTI - 2nd;I-Station 7:45am; Sacred Planning; Report cards generated; Report cards displayed in HAC; Drama Club 3:45pm; ASD - Nance (Bourg)

Thursday, 10/22 - Rotation Day 3; RTI - 1st; I-Station 7:45am; Report cards delivered; Caitlyn Luberger not pulling groups; Lunch Bunch for Crump, Montoya, Bryant, Babcock, Elliott, Ellis, Ehrig, English, Luna, Green-Francis, Teague, Rhoades; Flora and D. Sanders; AP Meetings for Tina (am) & Leah (pm) off campus; Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm; ASD - Ellis; Digital Citizenship Superhero Night 6-7pm

Friday, 10/23 - Rotation Day 4; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am; RTI Update; Report cards go home; JA in a Day for Kinder & 1st grade

Title 1 School-Parent Compact

Just a reminder that the rosters showing how each parent received their Title 1 School-Parent Compact is due to Dr. Mitzner no later than October 26th.

Digital Citizenship Superhero Night - October 22nd

Do you want to be a Digital Superhero? Join us for Digital Citizen Superhero Night on Thursday, October 22nd from 6:00-7:00 p.m. Come dressed as your favorite superhero and bring your device! You will learn about fun educational apps and how to use them leaving positive digital footprints!

Staff members can wear jeans on October 22nd!

Thank you

Claudia Flora, Paula Wagner and Renee Holland for filling in as crossing guard when needed during our transition period.

The many staff members that offered dismissal assistance to a staff member when needed.

Nela Montoya for staying late again on Friday this week to greet parents coming for conferences.

2nd Grade for bringing their students the Frontier Life Program again this year.

Margaret Heichel for taking all of the pictures of Kris and the students who earned her chair for the day.

Aimee Krauss for taking the pictures of the students that earned "Picture in the front office with a friend".

Calendar for the week of 10/26-10/30

Kris for Announcements; Blue Week in the Library; F&P Testing 9/8-10/30; mClass Window 10/1 - 10/30; Skate 101 in PE; Academic Collaboration Kinder, 5th & 4th; Red Ribbon Week; Bully Prevention Week, Pumpkin Extravaganza

Monday, 10/26 - Rotation Day 5; Chess Club 7:35am; I-Station 7:45am; Challenge; Admin Meeting 9:30am; Lego Club 3:45pm; Team Leader Meeting 4pm in T10

Tuesday, 10/27 - Rotation Day 6; Academic Collab - Kinder; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; I-Station 7:45am; 4th & 5th Grades Switch Specials times; 5th Grade goes to recess 8:30am; Kris off campus for Leadership Team until 3pm; School Store during lunches; ASD - C. Smith; Tuesday Topic 4pm

Wednesday, 10/28 - Rotation Day 1; Academic Collab - 5th; Chime Rehearsal 7:15am; I-Station Sacred Planning; Holy Covenant Work Day 9:30-11am; IC Meeting for Kris and coaches 12pm; Drama club 3:45pm; ASD - Harrell

Thursday, 10/29 - Rotation Day 2; Academic Collab - 4th; Kris out am for Principal Meeting; Bully Prevention Assembly 2:15pm; Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm; ASD - Moderow

Friday, 10/30 - Rotation Day 3; Choir Rehearsal 7:15am; Drama Club 7:15am; Student Council TEPSA Workshop with Kris & Margaret off campus 8:30-2:30; Book Character Parade for PK & Kinder 8:45am; Book Character Parade for pm PK 1pm; Students take pumpkins home

The Drama Club Presents.....

On December 2nd, 4pm our Drama Club will be doing a dress rehearsal and have invited the staff to attend! They would love to have some staff members to view their performance!

Our Head Custodian, Angela Chicas celebrates 10 years at Winborn Elementary!

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Red Ribbon/Bully Prevention Week - October 26th - 30th

Winborn Elementary will participate in Red Ribbon/Bully Prevention Week the week of October 26 – 30. Below is a google doc link that provides you with the agenda for the week, theme days and suggested activities for you to do with your classroom. Next week you will get items in your box to share with your class as you participate in Red Ribbon/Bully Prevention week. Remember on October 29 we will have an assembly at 2:15 in the gym. We will use the enter and exit format that was previously used for TORO. Grade levels will be called down to the gym at the appropriate times.

Items in your box:

· Pledge cards

· People cut outs to decorate (color and cut out then turn into basket in the library)

· Upstander poster

Required activities:

· View the Bully Blocker video use link and discuss with class


· Read and sign pledge bookmarks

· Decorate people and turn into library (we will have volunteers on Wednesday the 28 to hang on poster, if you could get it done on Tuesday that would be great!)

Thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend!