Heritage Elementary

Friday, February 21st

Building Information

Mr. Chad Rice, Principal

Mrs. Marieca Mattox, School Counselor

Mrs. Marni Dreher, School Nurse

Mrs. Katie Thielman, Building Secretary

Mrs. Lisa Karavakis, Office Assistant


19/20 School Calendar

2/22/20: Rave to Save

2/29/20: 4th Grade SING

3/2/20 - 3/6/20: Scholastic Book Fair

3/5/20: Book Fair Family Night 5pm - 8pm

3/4/20: 3rd Grade KISS Luncheon

3/5/20: 4th Grade KISS Luncheon

3/5/20: K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

3/10/20: K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

3/10/20: Spring Picture Day

3/11/20: 2 Hr Late Start - Professional Development

3/23 - 3/27/20: Spring Break - No School


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Parent Teacher Conferences

4:45 pm - 8:15pm

March 5th K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

March 10th K-12 Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences


Looking for detailed information about school closings and delays?

CLICK HERE for details!


Forms will be sent home soon with detailed information about the 3rd and 4th grade KISS Luncheons.

A few highlights:

  • This is a special day set aside for the children and we appreciate all parents/guests who attend our event.
  • 3rd grade will be on March 4th.
  • 4th grade will be on March 5th.
  • Lunch schedules will be adjusted on those days. Times will be on the forms.
  • There will be activities either in the classroom or in the auditorium (your form will indicate where.)
  • You may use check or cash to purchase a school lunch.
  • Please give yourself plenty of time for parking.
  • All guests are required to sign-in at the table in front of the office and take a visitor sticker.
  • No parents/guests are permitted back to the classroom once lunch is over or for recess time.
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National School Breakfast Week


March 2nd - 6th

Help us celebrate National School Breakfast Week by creating art work to promote school breakfast.

Students may use any materials (paint, crayons, colored pencils, food items etc.) to create the art. Art work should incorporate fruit, vegetables and breakfast Items. Student submissions will be selected to be featured on the Ohio Department of Education's social media outlets.

Please turn your submission into the head cook at your building no later than February 18, 2020.

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Congratulations to Xavier B. and Tytus A. for signing the Golden Book this week! Thank you for being amazing leaders!
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Mrs. Hern's 2nd Grade News

Here is a glimpse of the 2nd graders building arrays during math.
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Leo & Tucker

We have the opportunity to provide some therapeutic work to our students and staff this year through the use of a therapy dog. The dogs, Leo and Tucker, have been certified by a therapy dog licensing agency and have completed extensive training to provide support and service to individuals in a variety of settings, including schools. We are so delighted to have the dogs bring joy to our day!
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From the Nurse - Mrs. Dreher

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From the Art Teacher!


Click Here

Each year, Google puts on a drawing contest (Doodle for Google) where students can design a new Google logo. This year, the theme is " I SHOW KINDNESS BY..."

1. students draw on an entry form

2. students write about their drawing on the entry form

3. entries can be uploaded or mailed to Google.

4. deadline is March 13th

There are state-level winners and then a national winner. The prizes are pretty amazing.. for the student and the school!

Let me know if you have any questions. They send me a packet of info each year. Just an idea, happy kindness week!

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Each year Heritage Elementary purchases consumable materials for the students to use in their classrooms. These items would not be available to your student without your contribution through nominal fees that are charged. Fee billing statements will be sent home to those students who still owe their 19/20 school fees. Online payments can be made through the Parent Portal. Cash/credit/debit/money order are also accepted in Heritage office. Please feel free to call Heritage office with any questions. 614-833-6385.

Thank you.


Please see the above attachment for instructions to view your student's achievement record.
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The 8 Habits Behavior Wheel!


We are always looking for ways to improve in the way that things are done. With that being said we are changing the current structure of our clip charts. Starting on Monday, September 30th we are making the shift to an 8 Habits Wheel to fit more in line with The Leader In Me and our school-wide expectations. Students will now clip around the wheel to the various habits that they are using or showing. This should help tie the action of the habit to the positive clip movement on the wheel. Students will still be able to clip off of the wheel onto a staff member’s shirt, whether that be a teacher, counselor, staff member, secretary or principal. We are trying to emphasize the positive behavior of our students. There has been a lot of research that has shown that drawing attention to the positive behavior of students helps to create a more lasting, positive change in their overall behavior. When your students get home after an amazing day at school they will not have ended the day on a specific “color” like they used to with the clip chart. So, instead of asking them what color they ended on, now the conversation can switch to “What habits did you use today?” Thank you all for being such an important part of Heritage Elementary!


Mr. Rice


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A Reminder from Mr. Rice

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As the weather changes and starts to get colder outside, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of our procedures for parent pick-up and drop off.

AM Arrival 9:00 am to 9:15 am

  • For any students that are dropped off to school in the AM, please use the parent drop off line.

  • If your student arrives after the start time, you must come in with your student and sign them in.

AM Kindergarten Pick-Up 12:15 pm

  • Bus riders released first.

  • Car riders released next.

  • WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that AM Kindergarteners are NOT picked up by walking up to the door.

END of Day School Dismissal 4:05pm

  • Car riders will be released first. Walkers will be dismissed after the car riders.

  • Bus Riders will be dismissed when car riders and walkers are all accounted for.

This is a friendly reminder of our arrival/dismissal procedures. I want to thank everyone for their patience and attention to these procedures. Our goal is to be as quick as possible while maintaining safety for everyone involved. Thank you all for helping to make Heritage Elementary an amazing place to be.


Mr. Rice


Elementary Breakfast Menu

Elementary Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application

* Morning Breakfast*

Heritage serves breakfast every morning from 9:00 am to 9:15 am. The above breakfast menu has prices for your reference. Please communicate with your student whether or not they are to purchase breakfast. Thank you.


4th Grade 12:00 to 12:45 pm

1st Grade 12:15 to 1:00 pm

3rd Grade 12:30 to 1:15 pm

2nd Grade 12:45 to 1:30 pm

Click Here to add money to a lunch account using "My Payments Plus"



Here are a few tips to remember when sending lunch money to the school.

  • You may send cash or check (made to PLSD Food Services) with your student to school.
  • Please place cash/check in an envelope.
  • Please write your student's name, homeroom, and student id# on the envelope.
  • You may also make pre-payments or check on your child's lunch account by using: mypaymentsplus.com or call 1-877-237-0946


Volunteer Application

* To volunteer in PLSD, a volunteer application must be completed annually.

Kindergarten Physical Form


Regular School Hours:

1st - 4th Grade 9:15 - 4:05

AM Kindergarten 9:15 - 12:15

PM Kindergarten 1:05 - 4:05

Two Hour Delay Schedule:

1st - 4th Grade 11:15 - 4:05

AM Kindergarten 11:15 - 1:15

PM Kindergarten 2:00 - 4:05