The Prugh Crew

Week of November 18th

Learning Targets

Spelling and Grammar

here, nice, this, who, may, chest, west, rest, test, best

Grammar: proper nouns

Word Family: -est word family

Practice on "Spelling City"

Reading and Writing

We will read fun "turkey" books and discuss self to text connections and story elements. We will write stories about turkeys and our own family traditions this week.

I am so happy to see everyone continue to grow in reading. The November iStation assessment really shows how well they are doing, and I appreciate your continued support in this area. Please continue to have them log into the program at least 30 minutes per week. This is addition to their daily independent reading which should be about 20 minutes each night.


We will be learning how to solve word problems involving joining, separating, and comparing sets within 20 with unknowns as any one of the terms in the problem.

This week will focus on "separate start unknown"

For example:

Mrs. Prugh had some cookies. Reagan ate 13 of them. Now she has 7. How many did she start with?

? -13 = 7

Some kids were signed up for the the science club. 3 of the kids forgot to go to the meeting. If 12 kids were at the meeting, how many are supposed to be in the club?

? -3= 12

We will solve these problems using number lines, part-part-whole mats, counting up/down, and ten frames.

Science/Social Studies

We will continue with our past and present unit focused on the early settlers and the tradition of Thanksgiving. On Tuesday we will conduct a science experiment about corn to learn about how heat causes change.

**Look for our class "Moon Book" to be coming home in the next few weeks.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND IT BACK TO SCHOOL so everyone gets a chance to bring it home!



The Book Fair will be open until Thursday.

Thank you to everyone that already purchased books from my wish list!

Tuesday, Nov 19 Thankful Lunches & Chick-fil-A Night (3rd and Specials host)

Wednesday, Nov 20 Litterless lunch day

Thursday, Nov 21 Book Fair closes at noon

Friday, Nov 22 Mav Fan Jam at 8:15am

Saturday, Nov 23 Crape Myrtle Run

Nov 25-29 Thanksgiving Holiday Break - No School

Volunteers Needed for Lunch Duty 10:15-10:45am

My duty day is Thursday for November and Decemeber

*You must be an approved volunteer, and you must fill out a volunteer app every year.

iStation: please have your student login 30 minutes per week

username: s+student ID number

password: student ID number

Bring a water bottle and a dry, healthy snack each day.

We have PE - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please wear appropriate footwear!

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