The Mumper Minute

Week of November 16, 2015

Notes from Mrs. Mumper

  • Please make sure you check your child's Bees Book everyday for important papers.
  • Please place all homework in the homework page protector. It is located in your child's Bees book. This is where I look for homework.
  • 11/16 - Author's Visit
  • 11/16 - Crisis Drill
  • 11/19 - Toys Go Out party at the Southern Pines Public Library. The fun begins at 5:30 and lasts about an hour. Bring your copy of the book and get it autographed by Lumphy, Plastic, and StingRay. There will be games and a light snack.
  • SPP reading challenge! Tweet a pic of your Mighty Mind reading at home. Use #sppbeesread and tag the Mighty Minds (@mumpersclass)! Can't wait to see the Mighty Minds reading at home!


Thank you to the Robinson family for helping to build our classroom library! The family purchased two books from our class wish list from Scholastic!

We solved an addition problem and explained our thinking on Educreations Check out our learning!

Opportunities to volunteer in the classroom

I am still looking for help in the classroom. At the beginning of the year I asked for help in several areas. I have received some help and I am very grateful!
Here are the ways you can volunteer to help the Mighty Minds:

  • Pencil Patrol
  • During small group reading
  • During small group math
  • Make copies
  • Bee Buck shopping
If you would like to sign up please go to this web address:

Clip Chart Hall of Fame

Congratulations to these students who have made it to the clip chart hall of fame!

JaNayshiya Armstrong - 11/12/15

Sarah Hannans - 11/6/15

Sydney Nealy - 10/26/15

Isabella Robinson - 9/23/15

To be in the Hall of Fame a student must have 25 pink days!


If you haven't looked at our classroom twitter you are missing out! They students have done some amazing work and we would love for you to see it. Remember you don't have to have a twitter account to view our twitter. Here is the link to our twitter:

Our class handle is : @MumpersClass

Check us out, comment, and let your child know what you think of their learning!

Wish list

  • 8 cans of playdough
  • A USB or 3.5mm computer microphone if you have one you are not using.
  • Several shoebox size plastic storage containers.
  • Can of compressed air: Like this
  • Spelling city premium membership ($52.95) for the year

Spelling List

Spelling city link

  1. so
  2. grow
  3. own
  4. loan
  5. most
  6. goat
  7. soap
  8. flow
  9. float
  10. loaf
  11. both
  12. throw
  13. know
  14. coach
  15. swallow
  16. ocean

Curriculum Focus

Comprehension- Main ideas and details

Phonics- long o (o, oa, & ow)

Grammar- Using proper nouns

Writing- Write to persuade

Math- addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

science - States of matter

Story - Helen Keller