Child care in the caregiver's home

By Christian Garland

Licensing Standards

There should not be more than 5 children in the caregiver's home. It is a privilege and a trust to have a license. The caregiver shall sign the Bilateral Service Agreement. Utilization of foster home.

Services Provided in the Child Care

Services that can happen at a caregiver's home are

  • Bathing
  • Eating
  • Teaching
  • Discipline
  • Social Skills Development
  • Discovery of new experiences

Advantages of Care in a caregiver's home

Children get more attention from caregiver and are better monitored. They are able to learn to develop simple social skills with other kids such as sharing, playing, and problem solving.

Disadvantages of Care in the caregiver's home

It might be hard to find a really trustworthy one that you can depend on. They get control of your kid and might teach bad habits that you may not one.

Family best served by Care in a caregiver's home

Small families that want a more family like child to be participating and be a strong involvement in groups. Parents who want to let their child to get more attention and want information on what has gone on with them in their day.