By: Roland Smith Presentation By: Andrew Grier


Never giving up on your dreams can put you on a mountain's top!!!

Character Analysis

Peak is a boy that is selfless and will put others first. Ten steps away and he’s the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest! Instead of breaking a record he let’s his friend Sunjo tag the mountain and break the record!!

Peak is strong when it comes to climbing under pressure. He saved his friend Sunjo from falling down the mountain and was able to hold him up for at least five to ten minutes!If Peak didn’t think fast Sunjo would have went skydiving into his death!!( Next piece of Analysis)Peak has a good heart! He traveled as fast as he could to get to his little twin sister’s birthday party in time!!!

How Peak Changed Over Time

Peak became a better person on the inside and outside. Over time he went from a pretty good climber to a great climber in all of the matter of weeks!! He made an amazing decision and changed his life in his own way.All because Peak gave up the summit he changed another person’s life.


Cold, barely any air for anyone, fast changes in weather, icy, rocky, dangerous, almost no plant life! Tibet is could and has lots of dangers plus pollution everywhere. The tech was dated around 2014.


Peak climbs a skyscraper and gets arrested and has a short trial. Peak’s dad gets him out of trouble a bit and goes to Mount Everest to climb the mountain. Peak finds out his dad is using him, but he climbs anyway. He has a hard climb….

Well, you will just have to read the book yourself and see what happens next.


I recommend this book highly because it is so cage rattling and I can guarantee that you as I will stay up all night reading this book.The reason I think this book is cag rattling is because of how on edge Roland Smith puts his characters on makes it nearly impossible for for me to put this amazing book down. -Andrew Grier