Second Grade News You Can Use

September 22-25

A Note from Mrs. Graham

Thank you to the PTP for a fun and free tailgating party on Friday night before game. Our Jr. Cheerleaders did a wonderful job on Friday night. I am sure they did great on Thursday night, too. I just wasn't able to be there for both. We sure do have a lot of school spirit in our elementary school. It is heartwarming to see how all of our schools work together to make NCS the best school around town. We are NC!

Thank you for participating in the Book Fair. We did earn a Popsicle Party for the amount of money our class spent last week. Thank you for supporting your readers and our school in this way.

Please Help Us! Send in recipes for our PTP sponsored recipe book. The money raised will help buy more technology for the elementary school students to use.
Go to and login in with
Username: NCSptp
Password: 2014recipes

We will be going to the ECLC three year old classroom on Tuesday or Wednesday morning to read to the little ones. We hope to do this often throughout the school year. I will try to post pictures of this special time in next week's newsletter.


I have added the new list words to Spelling City. I am not sure if you are able to use this resource at home because I never did send my page link. I am including it this week for you. I really hope you find this website helpful in making our spelling work at home fun. The new list is called "Double consonants and ck endings".


In Science we hope to cover two topics this week.
Water is our first topic. Students will expand their knowledge of the Earth's waterways-oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. and will understand that clean water is important to all living things. They will learn that water can exist as a liquid, solid, or a gas. Our experiment will be to evaporate some water.
Weather will be our second topic. Students will expand their knowledge about the types of weather that happen on Earth. They will measure and record weather conditions and use appropriate weather terminology. They will also learn about safety procedures to follow during severe weather conditions.

Social Studies

Our topic this week is Tennessee's place in history. We will use these words in our discussions this week:
History-tells the story of people, places and events of the past
Freedoms-the right to act, speak and think
Constitution-a set of laws for all Americans
Governor-leader of a state
Volunteer-a person who performs a service
amendment-a statement added to our Constitution that improves people's lives
People we will discuss:
Alvin C. York-a brave soldier who saved many lives in World War 1
Andrew Jackson-fought in many battles and eventually became President of the USA
(Both of these men fought for freedom and wanted to help others)


We will finish our story from last week then we will move to a new story called Super Storms by Seymour Simon. This story will coincide with our Science lessons the last half of the week on weather.
Vocabulary: beware, damage, bend, flash, pounding, prevent, reach, equal
High Frequency Words for flash cards: before, eye, few, happy, high, my, open, people, starts, yellow
Grammar skill: Verbs
Vocabulary Strategy: Compound Words
Comprehension Skill: Main Idea and Details, Cause and Effect
Comprehension Strategy: Visualize
Writing: Informative Writing


We will be practicing our subtraction math facts to 20 while we play our math fact games with cards, dice, and Around the World in class. You should now include subtraction math fact practice at home, too. There are many websites and apps that can help with this. You can also use our card and dice games to practice at home like we do together at school.
Chapter three is all about subtracting 3-digit numbers. We begin this chapter today. I expect to be ready to take a test on this chapter on October 3 right before Fall Break.

Field Trip News

Permission slips for our trip to the Opry House and Rainforest Cafe are going home today. The $24.00 and signed slip are due by Thursday of this week. We go on this trip after Fall Break on October 15th.
Honeysuckle Hill Farm trip is October 28th. More information to come concerning this trip after Fall Break.