GCIS Friday Focus 2/26/2016

Be the Key to Our Success!

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Weekly Duties

Special thanks to all the duty teachers and your efforts to keep our spaces in the morning and afternoon safe! Please let me know if there is anything that we may need to adjust.

Link to AM/PM Duties

What's Happening This Week!

Monday: 2/29

  • Rotary 12-1
  • 4pm Mtg with Parent

Tuesday: 3/1

  • 7:30am Collaboration
  • 7:45am Communication Club in the Lounge
  • Admin Mtg 1:30pm

Wednesday 3/2

  • Mtg w/ Becky
  • Lunch Dates w/ Van Cleave
  • 2:00 pm Collaboration in Browns Room
  • Baby Shower for Hoyle: 3:30

Thursday 3/3

  • IEP Mtg 3:30pm

Friday 3/4

Next Incentive Challenge

I spoke with Mr. North yesterday and he told me that we can attend the Web house in Jefferson for our next PBIS incentive day. I am thinking that we will attend per grade level during the week of April 25th-April 29th.

I'm proposing these dates to attend the Web house and I will confirm them with him.

Web House Days

Tuesday April 26th: 4th grade

Thursday April 28th: 5th Grade

Friday: April 29th: 6th grade

I am also looking into if we can just dismiss or transport from this location instead of having to head back to school, then depart again.

  • Have conversations as a team what you want to set for the key card goal for your class. This is an eight week period of time I am hoping to set the number of private dining and recess tickets limit at 4 (you earn your 4th and you are out)

  • Also see if we want to push the reading BINGO card again, maybe have a different look to it....if so we can work on getting those ready to roll out on Tuesday/Wednesday.

  • New key card totals and tickets start on Tuesday March 1st!

March PD Calendar!

Brenda and I are working on the March PD Calendar and will get it to you on Tuesday!

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GCIS Information Hub

If you are looking for a doc, remember they are a click away! Happy Hunting!

Link to GCIS Information Hub