Lost and found

by Anne Schraff

About the author Anne Schraff

Anne was born on Sept. 31 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio. she is a full time writer and she tough high school from 1967-1977. her first story she had sold is called " stage to hell" she started as a papergirl and then she worked on a shrimp boat. she sold hundreds of books and made more then 80 books she writes about anything historical, biography, science books, and fictional books for the little kids.

The setting of Lost and Found

The setting of Lost and Found is there in the town and they go to school and alot of important things go on and then something happens to jamee. Their dad comes back from New York after it's been 5 years that they hadn't seen him.


the main characters in this story is Darcy, Jamee, cooper, and bobby. the two girls ( Darcy and Jamee ). they are going through life and something happened to jamee. Her father after being away for 5 years has come back from New York. they go out and search for jamee they think they know where she is but they ain't sure.

About the Characters

Darcy- Jamee's older sister and she try's to fine out what is wronge with her.

Jamee- Darcy's older sister alot happens to Jamee in this story.

Cooper-Darcy's friend and there when Darcy needs him to be there.

Bobby- he is Jamee's ex-boyfriend and he hits her and he goes and try to hit her but cooper and coopers friends help her get away.

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