Together we can stop bullies!


Bullying is intentionally aggressive, usually repeated verbal, social, or physical behavior aimed at a specific person or group.

Characteristics of bullies include: (taken from Kentucky Safe Schools website)

  • wants power/control over others; thrives on dominance
  • remorseless
  • continual tormenting of victims
  • lack empathy or understanding for others; lack of conscience
  • defiant attitude towards authority
  • charming manipulators
  • become worse if/when victim fights back


“Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right.”

Theodore Roosevelt

70.6% of students observe bullying

30% of students are bullies themselves

57% of the time, bullying stops within 10 seconds with intervention

40% of identified male bullies will be arrested 3+ times

160,000 teens reported skipping school last year to avoid bullying

1 in 10 students will drop out because of bullying

What is bullying?

  • name calling
  • teasing
  • rumor spreading
  • physical abuse
  • isolation
  • threats
  • theft
  • sexual harassment
  • cyberbullying

Conflict vs Bullying

Conflict -- Bullying

equal -- power imbalance of power

occasionally -- frequent

accidental -- purposeful

equal emotional reaction -- victim reacts strongly

not seeking power -- seeking power and control

remorse -- no remorse; blames victim

makes effort to solve problem -- makes no effort to solve problem

*taken from Kentucky Safe Schools website