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Who is Pythagoras?

Pythagoras was an Greek philosopher and mathematician. Since the fourth century AD, Pythagoras has been given credit for discovering the Pythagorean theorem, an equation commonly used in modern mathematics, dealing with finding the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

What is the pythagoreas theorem?

Well, the theorem deals with finding the longest side, or the hypotenuse, of a right triangle. It uses the equation a² + b² = c².

In the World, where do we use the pythagoreas theorem?

  • Architecture
  • Navigation
  • Painting a wall
  • Road trips
  • Finding the right size of TV


RIght Triangle: A right triangle is a triangle where one angle is 90 degrees. (a right triangle)

Squares: The squares off each side of the triangle equal the area of the triangle altogether.

Square root: Hard to explain, but I'll just use an example. The square root of 16 is four, because 4 times 4 equals 16.

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Area of the first 5 triangles:

1: 14.14

2: 17.32

3: 20

4: 22.36

5: 24.49