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February 10, 2020

Having a team of optimists requires more than wishful thinking

Increase your optimism using these three behaviors:

1. Practice Gratitude

2. Learn to Savor the Good

3. Manage your Self Talk

Click here for the full article. It is really worth your time!

Updates and Information

  • Assistant Principal Meetings - Feb. 12th and 13th - Agenda

  • The PEIMS staff has begun auditing the data to be submitted for summer submission which includes discipline information. You will be receiving reports throughout the end of the year for any errors detected. Please make the corrections as they are presented to you
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More Professional Development for You!

Do I ensure that the teachers at my school utilize a variety of instructional strategies to address the different learning styles, ability levels, and needs of my students in student-centered, culturally responsive learning environments? You must ensure that your teachers’ instructional practices are conducive to meeting the learning needs of all your students. Ask yourself these two questions: 1. What will you be looking for when you observe your teacher’s instruction? 2. Will you be in position to bring about desired results? To properly assist your staff, you should be confident in the depth of your knowledge base regarding instructional theory and practice. Though there may be content-area supervisors at your school who share the responsibility of teacher supervision, the buck ultimately stops with you. You will be evaluated on the performance of your school, so the responsibility for it rests on your shoulder. Never lose sight of that.

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