The Louisiana Purchase

Megan Brueggen


-Thomas Jefferson is the President at this time.

-Spain starts out with ownership of Louisiana.

-Purchasing Louisiana added 13 future states.

-Thomas Jefferson tried to maintain a neutral course with foreign affairs.

-America paid 4 cents an acre for Louisiana.

-Jefferson departured from the strict government because he believed that the executive branch had no right to bring power to other territories.

-When the French regained power it threatened to block the american access to the important port of new orleans.

-Blocking of the port was such a threat that jefferson considered changing his traditional foreign policy to an anti-French alliance with the British.

-Jefferson's overall vision he wanted to display was that he took bold action.

-In1812 Louisiana became the first state to join the United States.

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What happened

-Thomas Jefferson supported a move that appealed strongly to republican farmers by U.S landholdings.

-America purchased Louisiana from the French

-Spain was holding land for U.S but French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte regained Louisiana from Spain.

-Napoleon sold becasue of failure to build a Northern Empire

-Napoleon wanted to keep a headquarters in Louisisana but Toussanit Louverture took control of the whole colony eventully they captured him and sold more land to move to Europe.

-Jefferson assigned an expedition to Meriwether Lewis &William Clark, they left in May of 1804.

-The deal was brought in, in 1803 but also brought controversy

-Federalists critics claimed that the constitution nowhere gave the federal government permission to gain new land.

-The territory consisted from the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains, which doubled the size of the united states.

-So much controversial brought the western expansion, which also leaded to thoughts of disunion of the United States.

-The senate passed the Louisiana Purchase and the vote was 26-6.