By: William Shakespear


Lady Macbeth is to blame for Macbeth's down fall, because she influenced him to do some dreadful dreads in order to get accomplished what she thought would be best.

  • "Thy letters have transported me beyond

This ignorant present, and I feel now

The future in the instant " (1.6 64-66)

-When Lady Macbeth reads her husbands letter, she immediately turns toward the future that she imagines for her and Macbeth. Her dreams of being a wife of a king get her thinking of how "instant of a future" that is. This is showing that Macbeths powers and emotions of what she wants, which is to become the wife of a king, can definitely influence Macbeth into killing, or his downfall.


  • Foil

A foil in a movie or a book is when there are two characters who, are purposely put in the story to be total opposite. An example of a foil in Macbeth, is Macbeth and Macduff's relationship. Although they have some similarities, like being soldiers or being noble, the also were complete opposites because Macbeth was a killer and Macduff tried to stop him from killing but didn't succeed.

  • Verbal Irony

Irony occurs when a character is unaware of what the meaning behind something that is said in the story. An example of irony in Macbeth, is when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth think they will achieve great happiness by killing Duncan. But this contrast how they will actually lose happiness by killing.

  • Symbol

A Symbol is an object, or creature or something that is apart of a larger picture, An example of symbol in Macbeth, is the three witches. They represent evil, and all that is not good in the world.

SONG: Rolling in The Deep- Adele

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

Adele shows that someone is playing with her heart or how she feel, maybe even with " a beating". This relates because its kind of like Macbeth and Lady Macbeths relationship she is playing him, or tricking him, into killing.

Avengers Hulk Smash scenes

The Hulk is showing that not matter who you are at any momnt you could be pushed over the edge by someone or something as little as getting hurt. This is related to Macbeth because no matter what they wanted they were gonna get it even if it did include killing someone to make that happen.