21st CenturySkills


Blogging is when you pick a topic and just talk about it. Some Benefits would be if you had a company you can publish things on your blog


A wiki is basically and online classroom to put your information on. Its used to communicate and work on projects. Difficulty could be someone can edit the work anytime and might even mess it up. A benefit could be it is an easy way to work with other students


A Inforgraphic is an visual image. It can be used for data and research. A difficulty could be not knowing how to create an infographic. A benefit is you can share a infographic easily

Video Creation

My Experience in creating my video I enjoyed making my video it let me express my creativity.
A benefit is a video could help you say what you need to say in a easy way. A drawback is if you don't know how to make a video

Global Collabration

Global Collaboration is when you work with people all around the world. It is useful because you can peoples input from around the world. A benefit is you can get to know people from around the world. I can use this in the future incase i have to do a project

Internet Rules and Saftey/ Sensitivity

A set of rules that protects you online. I consider that you make sure you and both the person you are working with know what to do. You can protect yourself be being cautions