Useful tips to prevent cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying

Cyberbullying is when a child or teenager is harassed, embarrassed, threatened or tormented using technology. This isn't only for internet cyber bullying also used through text messages using cell phones. More than 10% of students are bullied on an everyday basis. Girls bully in groups more than girls do but its important for everyone to let adults know when this is happening so they can get help.

Useful Tips

1.Don’t respond. If someone bullies you, remember that your reaction can make the situation worse than it is. Replying back only gives the bully power of you.

2.Don’t retaliate. Getting back at a bully will lead into more drama. so tell an adult.

3.Save the evidence. You can save the evidence so therefore if an adult would like to see the mean things they will still be there and shown to someone who can help.

4.Talk to a adult you trust you should always tell your parents about things like this or a school counselor because they can help. if you are scared to tell someone then you can always report the incident anonymously at school.

5. Block the bully. If you are being harassed in form of instant messages, texts, or profile comments use privacy tools to block the person. If it’s in chat leave the room.

6.Be a friend not a bystander. If you hear or see anyone being harassed than stick up for them and report if so they can get help. By not doing anything gives bullies power even more. Try to help the bully and the victim by reporting the incident.