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Manor High School Literacy Strategies in Action

How are we implementing literacy and motivating our students?

Manor High School teachers are implementing new strategies that will motivate our students to engage in literacy practices on a regular basis. Teachers at MHS realize that the change must starts internally. One activity that teachers use to improve classroom practices includes Swivl observations. Teachers work with their grade level partners to improve literacy instruction using videos and the critical friends model.

Another great strategy implemented by teachers includes OER's. This practice has been implemented in all core subjects. The ACE strategy was first implemented by the ELA department and has been expanded to all core subject areas. Having a school wide writing practice helps students engrain healthy writing habits that will lead to higher student achievement.

Please view the Literacy Motivation clip below and the Swivel observation attachment for details

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Adolescent Literacy Motivation

Interesting Literacy Facts:

About 70% of high school students need some form of remediation; the most common problem is that students cannot comprehend the words they read—not that they cannot read them


Two reasons for poor literacy performance in high school are that reading and writing are rarely taught as separate subjects beyond 8th grade, and content teachers do not feel that they need to include reading strategy instruction in their course curricula

Nationally, ELLs scored an average of 41 points lower on writing assessments.


ELLs who enter into the U.S. school system in high school enter a learning environment where literacy instruction is rarely given, even though ELLs are expected to learn complex course content and…..

To master high school coursework, the average high school student is expected to have a vocabulary of about 50,000 words. Considering that the average student learns approximately 3,000 new words each year without targeted intervention, the typical beginning ELL will have learned only 12,000 English words during the course of high school, thus falling well short of the number necessary to engage in high school-level content

Something to think about…..

Seventy-eight percent of proficient readers have found employment, 56% of basic readers are employed, and only 45% of those reading below basic level are employed in America

College Words For the Month...

Allegory-the representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form

Appropriate Use: The declaration of an ex-US president G.W Bush was allegorical when he used the term “Axis of Evil” for three countries and later the term “allies” for those countries that would wage war against the “Axis”

Cadre-a core or nucleus of trained or otherwise qualified personnel around which an organization is formed

Appropriate Use: It will nurture a cadre of multicultural competent and innovative leaders.

Chicanery-the use of trickery to deceive

Appropriate Use: He resorted to the worst flattery and chicanery to win the job.

Demagogue-a leader who tries to stir up people by appeals to emotion, prejudice, etc., in order to achieve power

Appropriate Use: Donald Trump masters the art of demagoguery.

Didactic-conveying instruction; teaching some moral lesson

Appropriate Use: The teacher deliberately chose a slightly didactic story so that she could entertain and educate kids simultaneously.

Literacy Goals for Manor High School

Manor High School’s goal is to improve campus wide literacy by providing professional development for teachers offering them additional support to implement various instructional programs and practices for our students.

Meeting this goal requires an understanding of, and attention to, research and teacher practices. As educators we must:

  • Help establish a school culture that recognizes collaboration.
  • Help to develop individual and group capacity to implement literacy in the classroom through creative problem solving and self-reflection.
  • Provide professional learning opportunities to support the implementation of reading and writing strategies in the classroom.

Below are literacy strategies and practices that can be seamlessly implemented into any classroom... Check them out
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