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Week of December 14, 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

We have reached the last week of the semester. This week, students will be taking their first semester exams. please ensure that your student gets plenty of rest and is ready and on time for their tests, as they count for a major portion of their semester grade.

After many trials and tribulations, we are finally moving into the new building and preparing to welcome students back on campus. We will be sending out information over the coming weeks on everything that families will need to prepare for the 2nd semester whether brick and mortar of virtually.

As we go into the holiday break, I want to take this time to express my gratitude to all of you for entrusting your students to us and for being part of the San Jose Prep family. I am grateful to serve this community of students and families with the great support that you give. I want to wish all of you and your families a love filled holiday season, and one filled lots of wonderful moments with loved ones. I am looking forward to seeing you in January.

Mrs. Knapp


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Exam schedule

Monday, December 14- regular bell schedule

Tuesday, December 15- 1st and 2nd period exams

Wednesday, December 16- 3rd and 4th period exams

Thursday, December 17- 5th and 6th period exams

Friday, December 18- NO SCHOOL, WINTER BREAK

The schedule for these days will be as follows:

8:00am-10:00am Exam 1


10:15am-12:15pm Exam 2

Students will be done for the day at 12:15 on exam days

Exams must be taken during the designated exam times- no late exams will be accepted.

All exams are virtual- there is no brick and mortar school this week.

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Free flu shots for charter students

The Florida Department of Health Duval will be offering free flu shots to all Charter School students on Saturday, December 19th from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM at Central Health Plaza, East building, 515 W. 6th Street. Please see attached consent form.

Offices closed for the holidays

The San Jose Prep school offices will be closed from Friday, Dec 18 through Monday, January 4 for the Winter Break so our employees may spend time with their families.

School COVID guidelines

All students who return to the school building must abide by the following COVID guidelines:

  • daily temperature checks to enter the school building
  • facemasks must be worn at all times except when eating
  • COVID waiver must on file
  • frequent hand washing/sanitizing

COVID waivers can be emailed to

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All families need to complete 2nd semester survey

As students return for 2nd semester on January 5, families will have two options for instructional delivery for the remainder of the school year:

  • live, in-person instruction in our school building
  • virtual asynchronous instruction- no live classes- all work is done via Edgenuity.
Families who choose the virtual model need to be aware that there will not be a live class with a teacher- students must complete all coursework independently via Edgenuity. It is also important to note the following:

  • students will still be held accountable for attendance via daily check ins
  • state and national assessments must be taken in person in our school building

In order to properly plan for the 2nd semester, we need all families to please complete the 2nd semester survey Dec 11:

After care through the YMCA for middle school

Will you need to register your students for after school after care? The YMCA will be providing an after school program on campus for 6th-8th graders.

The easiest way to register is online at and choose San Jose Primary.

Any questions regarding after care should be directed to the YMCA.

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Uniforms and dress code

When we return to school, uniforms will be enforced. Please make sure that your student is in full uniform. If you need to purchase uniforms, you can do so online at

For polo shirts, once you click on the item, you will have the option to choose the correct color (black for high school, blue for middle school).

Also, please make sure that you review the school dress code, especially hair color and shoes. You can view our student handbook at:

The uniform store is located at 4040 Sunbeam Rd and will reopen on November 30.

Chromebooks and chargers

Students who have checked out a school Chromebook will be required to return it once they return to brick and mortar school. Please be prepared to bring both the Chromebook and the charger back to campus during the first week of classes.

Parking and traffic

Once we open the new building, we will have to establish a new traffic pattern on our property. Please bear with us the first days of school as we establish the new traffic routes and patterns for both San Jose Primary and San Jose Prep. We thank you in advance for your patience and grace.

Student parking:

We will begin selling student parking passes on Monday, November 9 via our school website. Please go to the "pay now" button at the bottom of the site and click on fees.

In order to drive to school, students must follow these guidelines:

  • Complete the student parking application. Please read carefully for all requirements, rules and regulations.
  • Parent must sign the form
  • Once you receive approval from Mr. Hudspeth, go ahead and purchase your pass online
  • Once your pass is purchased, bring the required documentation to Mrs. Pangle and she will issue your parking pass

Please remember that driving on campus is a privilege, not a right.

Get your parking decals!!

Students planning to drive on campus must purchase parking decals in order to park.

Please re-read procedures above on how to purchase parking decals.

New traffic pattern

When you return to campus in January, you will find a new traffic pattern.

For morning drop off and afternoon dismissal, all traffic will enter and turn left and follow the driveway around the property.

If your family has students in both San Jose Primary and San Jose Prep, ALL of your students will be ready for pick up at the San Jose Primary pick up point in the back. It is the Prep student's responsibility to get to their younger sibling and assist them with unloading and loading into the vehicle.

If your family only has Prep students, you will continue to circle around and eventually turn right at the San Jose Prep drop off/pick up area.

Please note that there will be 4 zones with staff that will be directing traffic. Please be respectful and patient with staff directing traffic and please follow directives for everyone's safety.

All traffic MUST exit right onto Sunbeam Rd. There will also be a school zone going up on Sunbeam Rd, so it is imperative to watch your speed for everyone's safety, especially that of our walkers and bikers.

As you know, dismissal is always a bit long the first week of school at any school. We ask for your patience the first week of school as we work through our first dismissals and get everything working with the efficiency of a Chick-Fil-A drive through at Disney World!

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Q: Once we are back on campus, will the teachers be there giving live instruction?

A: Yes

Q: Will we have the option to remain virtual?

A: Students may remain on live, synchronous instruction through the remainder of the 2nd quarter. We will reassess at the end of the semester as to whether or not there will be virtual instruction 3rd quarter. Should we have virtual instruction 3rd quarter, it will not be live synchronous instruction- students must work independently and must remain on this format for the remainder of the year

Q: What COVID precautions will you be taking?

A: Students and staff on campus must have daily temperature checks to enter the building, facemasks are required, COVID waivers must be on file with the school, frequent hand washing and sanitizing is expected, and we will practice social distancing where possible. There will be hand sanitizer stations throughout the school and hand sanitizer and wipes in every classroom. Our cleaning service will also be disinfecting surfaces nightly.

Q: What happens if someone tests positive?

A: If a student or staff member tests positive, contact tracing will begin. The student/staff member must quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to school. All schoolwork will be provided.

Q: What if someone else in the home tests positive?

A: If a sibling, parent, or someone else in the home tests positive, the student must quarantine for 14 days. School work will be provided

Q: What if my student develops symptoms throughout the school day?

A: If a student develops symptoms during the school day, a parent will be called to pick up the student. A negative COVID test result will be required to return to school. As always, students who develop fevers must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Please know that your health and safety is important to us and we will be doing everything we can to keep everyone healthy and safe.

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Upcoming events

Monday, Dec 14

Boys basketball @ River City Science, 6:30p.m

Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night, Mandarin Chick-Fil-A, 6pm-10pm

Thursday, Dec 17

Boys basketball @ Parsons Christian, 7:30p.m.

Tue, Dec 15-Thur Dec 17

Semester exams, early release

Friday, Dec 18-Monday January 4

Winter break

Monday, January 4

Teacher planning day

Tuesday, January 5

Back to school! Students return to school- 3rd quarter begins

Grand opening!

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