My Life Story

Why I Sing:

I sing because it's one way for me to get out emotions or to keep me entertained. Not a lot of people actually like singing but I love singing whether it's rock or pop but mostly rock. Singing overall makes me who I am and that's how I've been since I was eight. I honestly don't care what people think of my singing and that's why a lot of people don't like to sing, because they are so scared about what people think of them.

How I Started Singing:

I started singing on my eighth birthday, when my friend gave me a Nickelback CD. I was so excited about it and I was up all night singing, which kept my parents up and in the morning they kept complimenting me

How Singing Makes Me Who I Am?

Music makes me different from most girls, most girls would sit around the house texting and gossiping on social networks, and I sit around listening to music, writing songs, singing. I don't really care to do what other girls do.