'A Parent' by Haley Cogliano and Haylee Walsh

Job Description

Skills Required:

  • Nurturing
  • Caring
  • Patient
  • Loving towards children
  • Need to be able to work to support the baby
  • Make the baby a #1 priority.
  • Needs to be able to work 24/7


  • Feed
  • Change
  • Burp
  • Rock
  • Care and love the baby
  • Teach child morals
  • Child Rearing
  • Supplying physical and emotional support

Possibility for Advancement & Promotion

  • position of being a parent will not change, yet the responsibility of the children will change with age

Previous Experience

  • No experience needed because all first time parents do not have experience
  • They need to have an understanding and need to prepare for what they are about to encounter

Wages & Compensation

  • Paid with unconditional love and without money
  • Determined by how many kids you choose to have


  • Seeing your child happy and succeed in life
  • Having a child to call your own
  • Raising a child with the person you love