The Outcomes of WWII

By: Steven Martella

What approaches did the Allied Powers take to Europe when WWII ended?

WWII is one of the most devastating wars in the history of the world so the outcomes of a war so great would be monumental but the Allied powers made sure that Europe was taken care of. Soviet Forces occupied most of Eastern and Central Europe and the Eastern portion of Germany.

What Happened to Germany?

Germany was partitioned into East and West Germany. West Germany, under control of The British, the Americans, and The French, became a democratic and resumed self-government when Britain, US, and French left. East Germany, however, remained under tight domination of the Soviet Union and did not adopt democratic institutions. The soviets kept such a tight grip on the people living in eats Germany that the Berlin wall was built between East and West Germany to prevent any occupants from leaving East Germany.

What Happened to Japan?

Japan was occupied by American forces. It soon adopted a democratic form of government, resumed self-government, and became a very strong ally of the United States.

What was the Marshall Plan and Why was it Important?

Europe lay in ruins, and the United States launched the Marshall Plan, which provided massive financial aid to rebuild European economies and prevent the spread of communism.

What was the United Nations and why was it formed?

The United Nations was formed near the end of World War II to create a body for the nations of the world to try to prevent future global wars.

Review Questions

Who occupied East Germany and what form of government was it?

Who occupied West Germany and what form of government is it?

What was the Berlin Wall?

What was the UN?

What was the Marshall Plan?