Hoffman Headlines

Presented by Mrs. Hoffman (this week) December 1st

MAP testing

We will have MAP testing on Thursday morning. Please be sure that your child is ready for school on time, has a good night sleep and healthy breakfast.

Thanks for meeting with me for Conferences

It was really nice to chat with you to let you know how wonderful your children are. It is going to be a special year! I'm loving my group this year!

Celebrating Holidays

This week we will learn the customs and traditions of many different cultures. Today we learned about the Poinsettia by reading Tomi DePola's Legend of the Poinsettia. Then we made our own poinsettias.

Math Multiplication Maddness!

We will be working for the next week to fine tune our multiplication skills this week we can take our test next week.


Our next science unit is focused on problem solving in the different ecosystems. Today we watched BrainPop videos on rainforests, deciduous forests, and coniferous forests. My students took good notes comparing and contrasting these forests.