By David Hannah

Mountain ranges, bodies of water, and mountain ranges.

Mt. Ossa is the highest mountain in tasmania, king island is an island that makes up the state of Tasmania, the bay of fire is at the northeastern coast of tasmania,Tasman sea, Tasman peninsula is at the southeast corner of Tasmania, and Lake Gordon is in southwest Tasmania.

Climate, plants, and animals.

Tasmania has all four seasons an has a temperate maritime climate.

The two animals only found in Tasmania are the Tasmanian devil and the now extinct tasmanian tiger.the plants only found in Tasmania are the Huon pine and the King lomatia

Plants and the animals of Tasmania

Culture and economy

People and languages

Since there is no official language in Austrilia and english is the national language, most people in tasmania speak english.

Land use and natural resources

They have a lot of lakes and rivers, so they have a rich and abundant source of water and fish. They also have fertile soil, so forests cover half the state.

Forestry and nature conservations are two of the major land uses in Tasmania. Because Tasmania has a lt of water, hydroelectric power makes up 90% of Tasmanias energy.


Since Tasmania is a part of Austrilia, its main religion is christianity; however, Tasmania is multiculteral, therefore, has many other types of religion like islamic, hindu, and judaism


People started to settle in tasmania about 10,000 years ago which was after the most recent ice age. Back then, people relied heavily on fish from the sea.