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September 18, 2016

Dear Dobbs Family,

Another fabulous week in the nest! As much as I love short weeks, they make the next week feel never-ending. Jest felt like I couldn't get myself together last week: here's hoping to a more together week this week!

We have a CIC meeting scheduled for Tuesday but I am going to reschedule it. Instead, I would like to meet with just the vertical team leaders. I will show them the draft of the CIP and get their feedback as to tweaks for this year. We will make the October meeting our first public CIC meeting.

This week will also bring on the ARDs. If you haven't met our new Diag, Cory Harvey, she will be here on Monday. Drop by and say hi. I think you'll love her.

It's time to get your video self-reflects complete so that you can create goals for TTESS/PPD. There will be self-reflection sheet in the Coaches' room to pick up AFTER your video recording.

Hope your weekends are restful and relaxing.

<3 Ruth

Sunday Evening Snack

Still nervous about using the swivel or recording yourself teaching? Here's an article that gives more information and questions for reflection. After reading it, you'll see that your reaction and fears are common. Check our the page linked below.

The Week Ahead

Monday - Happy Birthday Vicki!, Board Meeting/BEST Teacher presented

Tuesday - Vertical Team Leader Meeting

Wednesday - Principal & Asst. Principal Mtgs, PTA Mtg @ 7:00

Thursday - PLC Group A

Friday - Brags