The first Americans in the U.S.

By bryant

A Man's best friend or a meat source :(

What you think of a dog today, is a loving and caring pet that you would care for and feed, but back in about 7987 B.C. it was totally different for some dogs. Some dogs were helpful for Native Americans coming over from Asia, by the emotional support when they were traveling away from home. In other cases they were needed for food witch was a very sad thing to talk about, so I will go on about The first Americans in the U.S.

How they came over

There have been many theories about how the Native Americans came over, but the one that makes the most sense is the land bridge theory. The land bridge theory would have taken place during the ice when America and Canada were connected to Asia, and the Native Americans crossed over the "bridge."

Now a days the U.S. and Canada are not connected to Asia, so don't try it at home!!!

Hoped you learned some thing on this poster !