Dream Team Newsletter!

Dec Jan & Feb

Love what you do!!!

Good afternoon ladies!! I Hope you are all enjoying this Spring catalog. I know my customers are loving it along with our AWESOME specials that we have every month. I am sending this newsletter to get caught up on the past couple of months.

Many of you may not know who I am. I am going to share my "WHY" with you in hopes that you can re~connect with your "WHY" this Spring.

My name is Sarah Carlyle :) I am a stay at home mom of three 15, 13, and 9. The two oldest are girls and then our son. My kids are extremly involved in sports and other activities. I watch one little guy during the day three days a week. I chose to to begin selling Thirty One as my girls are both involved in volleyball at school and club. My oldest also does dance. My middle daughter used to do competative gymnastics but is done now due to injuries and now plays on a travel softball team. My son races motorcross across the state of MI. He has been racing since the age of 4. These sports cost $$$$$. I have personally chosen Thirty One as my Full Time job! I like to hold 6-8 parties a month. This is my "WHY" I sell because if I didn't we could not provide these extras for our children. With that being said, my "WHY" has aslo changed in the way that I LOVE to share this business with woman who need the extra money as well and may want to go out to dinner with their families once or twice a week, maybe pay for an older child's education etc. I LOVE watching YOUR businesses GROW! Girls ask how I do it. How do you recruit. I recruit by sharing my LOVE for this company and what is possible if you DREAM! I want you ladies to GROW. I want to see you turn into Sr.Consultant's and Director's!!! I had the opportunity to go to a Director's Retreat this month. It was AWESOME!!! Shari Hudspeth spoke and it was a real EYE OPENER! Ladies we have the potential to make more money than you can even dream of. We need to SHARE this opportunity or "gift" with other woman. Help them see what is out there. I would like you to share with me your "why" so I can get to know you even better. There are many of you out there that I have never even met. You are on my Gen 0 if there is no Director between us. I have about 70 some on my Gen 0. Please inbox me on Facebook or e-mail me your "why". If Patti Hudson, or Sherry DeVowe, Amanda Smith, or Carmen Waugh is your Director send your "Why's " to them!!!!

Let's kick March off to a GREAT start!! Go out and get your Start Swell's earned, qualify as a consultant...this means you need a $1000 in sales, go for the Incentive's that Thirty One has to offer us! YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU DREAM IT!!!

Meet Amanda Smith Director from WI

Amanda has been TOP IN SALES for 3 months in a row!!! A HUGE congrats goes out to her for being consistent in her business!! Her sales for Dec, Jan and Feb were:

December 2013 $2354.51 with 3 parties

January 2014 $1659.50 with 2 parties

February 2014 $2140.00 with 4 parties

Amanda has been consistent with recruiting and helping build a new Director on her downline. She was the ONLY one on the entire downline who earned every level of the Believe and Achieve incentives. CONGRATS Amanda Smith. Job well done!!! (Amanda is in my Gen 0. I am sending this to two other Director's teams for a few months)

December Top in sales:

Those with $2000 or more in sales:

Amanda Smith $2354.51

Jane Rutan $2194.22

Rachel Biter $2047.47

Those with $1000 or more in sales:

Margaret Treffer $1945.60

Stacey Sayer $1606.72

Sarah Carlyle $1550.72 (myself)

Loretta Serafin $1422.00

Tracy Zalba $1306.00

Ashley De Cair $1126.49

Tania Hoover $1043.92

Linda Cwynar $1031.77

Our Team Sales for my Gen 0 was $41,639.41

Our Team Sales for the entire downline of 135 woman was $48,893.89

January Top in Sales

Those with $4000 or more in sales:

Sarah Carlyle $4038.00 (myself)

Those with $1000 or more in sales:

Michelle Rupp $1936.50

Amanda Smith $1659.50

Marcy Schaller $1205.50

Rachel Biter $1074.00

Angel Mudge $1006.00

Our Team Sales for my Gen 0 was $22,784.00

Our Team sales for the entire downline of 130 woman was $32,112.00

February Top in Sales

Those with $2000 or more in sales:

Sarah Carlyle $2341.00 (myself)

Amanda Smith $2140.00

Those with $1000 or more in sales:

Krystle Stone $1341.00

Cindy Obermyer $1324.00

Sherry DeVowe $1120.00

Leah Morehouse $1116.00

Patti Hudson $1109.00

Kimberly Austin $1052.00

Jane Rutan $1003.00

Our Team Sales for my Gen 0 was $22,270.00

Our Team Sales for the entire downline of 140 woman $41,343.00

Welcome to the team!! These are our brand new consultants!!!

New to the team in December:

Rebecca Raatz- WI Sponsored by Amanda Smith

Josette Lantis- MI Sponsored by Amy Dickerson

Lisa Eacker- MI Sponsored by Linda Cwynar

New to the team in January:

Tammie Eddy- MI Sponsored by Sarah Carlyle

Jessie Vandonlelaar-MI Sponsored by Sarah Calryle

Aleta Luesse-MI Sponsored by Jocee Weatherly

Whitney Zinger-MI Sponsored by Kelly Ross

Krystle Stone-MI sponsored by Shirley Wright

Shuling Gelderloos-MI Sponsored by Lisa Eacker

Jill Brouwer-MI Sponsored by Penny Flipse

New to the team in February:

Jennifer Hall-MI Sponsored by Jennifer Nye

Staci Dempkey-MI Sponsored by Shirley Wright

Sarah Bollin-MI Sponsored by Sherry Schroeder

Sarah Whipple-MI Sponsored by Sherry Schroeder

Sara Marsh-AL Sponsored by Amanda Smith

Alyssa Shinew-MI Sponsored by Sherry Devowe

Erika Hathaway-MI Sponsored by Sherry DeVowe

Kimberly Austin-MI Sponsored by Lisa Spyke

WELCOME ladies!!! We can not wait to see you grow your own business!!!

Registration begins Feb. 26- March 13 at 11:59 pm.

I will be hosting the April C&C on Thursday the 3rd at 7:00PM. The location will be at My home this time. I have put a cap of 25 woman. There will still be the $3 charge as I will provide snacks for the evening!! Please feel free to attend another meeting if this time or day does not work for you.

National Conference Registration begins today!!! Who's going with me???

Come celebrate in Columbus, Ohio July 23-25. I would love for a group of us to be able to drive together to NC and spend time together. This is such an AMAZING experience, you won't want to miss it. Registration for consultants will start March 5. Make sure you look on TOT for the details regarding the stars you can earn for Conference Bucks. This is a fabulous way to earn conference for free. When you register you will be able to book your hotel room as well. Keep in mind it might be nice to start figuring out roommate arrangements. It really saves on the hotel if 2-4 people can room together.

Who couldn't use a get away with just the girls?

Sarah Carlyle

Executive Director