by Boladé A.

Background Info

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires and the four major cities are Córdoba and Rosario.

The two major cities are Córdoba and Rosario.Argentina used to be controlled by Spain but gained independence in July 9,1816.The official language is Spanish.

Political and Diplomacy Info

The type of government in Argentina is federal presidential constitutional republic.The president's name is Christina Fernández de Kirchner.The country is in good terms with Brazil,Venezuela,Canada and many other countries.Relations between Argentina and Brazil is very close and historical.


Argentina is in South America.The top three physical features are Iguazu Falls,Aconcagua Mountain and Paraná.

Economic and Trade Info

The currency in Argentina is peso.Their economic system is mixed.They import machinery,motor vehicles ,pretoleum,natural gas,organic chemicals,plastics.They import goods from Brazil,China,U.S,and Germany.They export soybeans and derivatives,pretoleum and gas,vehicles,corn and wheat.They export goods to Brazil,China,Chile,U.S

Tourist Info

People should visit Argentina because it has amazing physical features and beautiful cities.

People should visit Bariloche an amazing ski center and Mar del Plata a cool beach resort.