Monday Memo

April 4, 2016

Welcome Back!!!

It's so great to have all of you AMAZING people back!! I hope that you are rested and energized to finish strong! I like to think of education as a long distance race. For 90% of every race the runner paces themselves until last leg of the race. That's when the runner gives everything they have with ONE GOAL in mind... finish the race well. As we finish out this school year, give it all that you have. We have one goal in mind for these last few weeks, FINISH STRONG! This is going to be an exciting ride.

Week at a Glance

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Compass Observations

Don’t forget we are going to complete our unplanned observations this month. For this week, we will be completing observations for 4th and 5th grade and beginning observations for grades 2 and 3.

Offer Letters and Non-Renewal Letters

Within the next two weeks each employee will meet briefly with Mr. House to receive either an offer letter or a letter of non-renewal for the 2016-2017 school year. Please wait until you receive an email from him before you come seeking your letter.

Maximize Student Performance

If you have ever ran in a race, often times as people reach the finish line they are tired, out of breath, sweaty, numb. Everything inside them may be telling them to stop. No matter how fast or slow they may be running it is just important to put all of their effort forth and finish STRONG. Instructionally, we have to maintain the same focus. It’s been a year full of many ups and downs, exciting success and unexpected hiccups. No matter what, we owe it to our creative learners to push them and ourselves to finish STRONG.

Majority of our standards have been taught but perhaps not all have been mastered. If we want our students to finish strong, let’s shift them to applying the knowledge they have learned thus far. When instruction is delivered on the application level, then the likelihood of standards mastery dramatically increases. As we begin this week and end this year, how will you make your instruction reach the application level on a daily basis?

A few resources below will be very beneficial in aiding you in doing just that. Shifting to performance tasks in mathematics and frequent usage of constructed responses in Reading will better prepare our students for the next grade level. Welcome back and happy teaching!


EAGLE 2.0 provides Louisiana teachers the ability to build online tests, assign them to students, and receive student and class performance reports on items aligned to state adopted standards. Eagle provides resources for grade levels 1 through 6 in Math/ELA performance tasks and constructed response.

Eagle Log In

Eagle Reference Sheet

Math Performance Tasks

K-2 Math Performance Tasks

K-5 Math Performance Tasks


As you lead your students through the rest of the school year, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. YOU MATTER. Every action you take, every word you say, sticks to your students like glue. What impact are you making on your students? You matter. Make every day count because your students’ lively hood depends on it.


Before the spring break, we united and collaborated at Data and Dine to brainstorm ways to help our creative learners finish STRONG at the end of the year. Check out the TEAMWORK between Ms. Christian and Ms. Monica! Together they analyzed the data to determine what standards will drive their instruction while sharing best practices. Don’t let all of that hard work go in vein! Make sure to turn in those instructional plans as soon as possible!
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Shout out to Brian, Osiris, and the Learning Celebrations committee for having a great Celebrations of Learning before the break! It was phenomenal walking around to see all the creative work students have completed at school and getting a peek of the talent that our staff embodies.
Celebrations of Learning: Staff Edition

Hello from the other side... also known as the ASCD Conference in Atlanta.

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