The True Color Of Media Connections

Is It Truly About Connections?

"Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?"

Our relationship has drastically changed for social media compared for what it was intended for. It started with the BBS. Short for Bulletin Board System. This was an online board where people could post information about classes, gyms, party meetups, and any little information change. This social media spurred actual local social gatherings. The whole internet was changed for the better of interactions, or so we thought. Soon after Mark Zuckerberg Created “The Facebook.” It was supposed to Revolutionize Connections between college kids, and create new friendships and keep friends up to date on others actions, relationships, and life. It is still running today, but not in the original idea. Mark only wanted this site as an update on life to spur reaction to make more human interactions, but that message still stands, but isn’t followed. As seen in the video "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?" there is an unhealthy addiction to social media, whether it be tweets on twitter, pins on Pinterest, snaps on snapchats, or on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, YouTube. The fact is there are so many different sites to keep up on that it’s like a 40 hour a week job to update your information. This idea of connecting people through the internet has created an online, hidden disconnected society where people would rather post pictures and get the gratitude of all the likes form fake friends, and people who just don’t care.

This addiction is not truly our fault. Over history there has been an abundance of information posted, tweeted, pinned, uploaded to the internet. With humanity being curious creatures we naturally want to learn how to do the “trendy” things, because we as curious creatures are drawn to fitting in and don’t want to miss out on any type of gratitude or a great feeling from total strangers. This is just a fact of life. In the primal days if there was a good source of food that information was spread to everyone, and soon everyone would be at that new source, gathering for everyone. This shows our natural tendencies… find information, share information, gather more information, and share more information. There is nothing we can do to prevent this addiction to information, otherwise known as social media.

The only way we can change this addiction is to use the addiction, but there is no possible way to prevent the spread of information