Hawk Weekly

September 30th-October 4th

Building Healthy Communities Grant News

This week our students received their first taste of the benefits of our recently acquired Building Healthy Communities grant. At the conclusion of the race, each student was awarded with a carton of milk, courtesy of the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. Milk has been found to be one of the best post-exercise refueling agents, containing ideal amounts of carbohydrates and protein, as well as necessary vitamins and nutrients. Our students enjoyed this tasty treat on their way back to class so that they could be refueled and ready to learn for the rest of their day!

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BHC Health Weekly Announcements

For the Weekend Friday- Did you know household chores such as sweeping, raking leaves, and taking out the trash are physical activities? Try helping out at home this weekend and get some more physical activity!

Mindful Monday- Try the "Five Senses" exercise. Notice 5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.

Tell Your Neighbor Tuesday- One of the best ways to be healthy is to be active and choose healthy foods and drink. My favorite healthy drink is _________. Tell your your neighbor (friend, family member).

Wacky Fact Wednesday- Honey is the only edible food that never spoils.

Think About It Thursday- Our brains work better when our body has been active. Think about getting up and moving your body the next time you struggle to focus.

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Handbook Chats

This week I began scheduling grade level and classroom handbook chats. We talk about the rules of the school, why we have rules, how to be a problem solver, and safety and security reminders. (don't prop doors, open doors for adults, etc..)

Here is a link to the UCS elementary handbook. https://www.uticak12.org/handbook

No Pet Policy

Please take note:

Utica Community Schools has a no pet policy on school property.

Halloween Costume Guidelines

With October knocking on our door and the excitement of picking out a Halloween costume please keep in mind the following:

All of us at Havel work diligently to teach children how to solve problems in a non-violent way. For Halloween we do not want to see children dressed as perpetrators or victims of violence. This includes props and accessories related to blood, gore, and weapons. Parent, please monitor your child’s costume choices. Keep in mind we don’t want our youngest students frightened by gory or scary costumes. Those should absolutely be avoided. Students whose costume may be too much for our younger students may be asked to not wear their mask or possibly not participate in the parade.

Halloween Treats

All of our classrooms are peanut and tree nut safe. As is our building practice, no CANDY CONTAINING these ingredients will be allowed. As Halloween gets closer, please contact your child's teacher for specific items/food that may be needed for the party. HOMEMADE GOODS are not allowed in the classrooms. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all our students.
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Home Run Hustle

This year’s biggest fundraiser is happening NOW! Get in on the action and start collecting those donations from friends and family until October 4th!

ALL proceeds from the Homerun Hustle go directly back to Havel! All of your support helps to make Havel the best place for your child to learn and grow!

Collecting Donations

You can collect money! Cash or checks made payable to Havel Elementary, can be turned in to the school throughout the month of September. You can collect donations online!

Please visit: www.getmovinfundhub.com to set up your child’s pledge page and begin collecting donations immediately! It is a fast and easy to collect donations and share on

social media. So start spreading the word today! This is a secure website to allow for credit cards donations as well…how cool is that?! (please note the link on the flyer that went home was incorrect. the correct link is listed above.)

School Incentives:

$15,000: Mrs. Tepper dyes her hair... the school voted and it will be half blue and half green!

$20,000: Gaga Pit

Fundraising Incentives: If your child raises...

$10: Havel Lanyard

$50: Baseball Keychain

$125: Bubble Soccer with Mrs. Langlois

$200: Bowling with Mrs. Tepper

$300: Principal for the Day


In addition to the Fundraising Incentives, we will once again have basket raffles donated by our amazing staff!

Please contact Mrs. Langlois with any questions regarding the fundraiser at: Roberta.Langlois@uticak12.org

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September/October Dates To Know


3rd- Snack Cart

4th- School Store & World Smile Day

7th- Bus Evacuation Practice

8th- 6th Grade Camp Tamarack

10th- Snack Cart

14th- Columbus Day

16th- 5th Grade @ DIA

17th- Snack Cart

18th- School Store & Rink Night (5:00-7:00)

24th- Snack Cart

26th- Make A Difference Day

31st- 1/2 Day Halloween 12:04 Dismissal


5th- No School- Election Day

12th- Picture Retake Day

13th- Conferences

14th- 1/2 day of school 12:04 Dismissal

14th- Conferences

27th-29th- No School Thanksgiving Break