My Endangered North Carolina Animal

By: Tristan Freeman

Scientific Name and Common Name

The name of my Endangered animal is the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel or Glaucomys sabrinus

Where is the Carolina Norther Flying Squirrel located?

The Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel is located in the mountains and are nocturnal which is mainly the reason why nobody ever sees them.

Why is it endangered?

The Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel is endangered due to habitat destruction, fragmentation, or alteration associated with clearing of forests, and a pest named balsam woolly adelgid which destroys the mature trees that the Squirrels live in.

What are they doing to help the Squirrels?

They are having volunteers make Squirrel boxes for them each year and when they catch a Squirrel they me measure, mark, and then release it and is monitored to make sure it stays alive and survives to the average age of a Squirrel.