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Feb 8-12, 2016

from the (Love) Mayor...

The deadline to submit transportation information for the Cardinals field trips was Friday, February 5th. Click here to access it in case you need to repent (and quickly...)

Dana and I presented Explore! to the Board of Education Tuesday evening. In case you would like to see the presentation, you can access it here.

To manage the change many of us are going through, it’s important to adjust our perspectives about the goals of our work. Here is a great video that addresses the importance of “seeing things from a different perspective.”

MAP resources released!

Earlier this week, DESE released Spring 2016 MAP Grade-Level resources and trainings. These items can be found on the SPS Assessment website located here:

Dave Whitham will be in contact with your Site Testing Coordinator (STC) soon, with initial planning details. In the meantime, please contact him via email at or extension 33327 if you have questions.

Senior/Elementary Leadership Team

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 9:30am

KAC - The Happiest Place on Earth

Lunch will be served after Elementary Team and prior to roundtable discussions.

All Pro Dads (Good Dads) information.

Recently J and Mike had the opportunity to host a breakfast with the local All Pro Dads group. Over the past year or two, about 10 schools have started working with this organization.

The mission of Good Dads is to inspire, resource and encourage fathers to be more involved in their children’s lives. One of the ways they do this is to coordinate the efforts of All Pro Dad groups in Springfield Public Schools.

All Pro Dad is a monthly school program where dads and kids meet to have breakfast and enjoy meaningful conversation that strengthens their relationship. Topics include "Putting Others First,"(Dec.) "Making Good Choices," (Jan.) and "Be Brave" (Feb.) All Pro Dad groups are run by fathers or community volunteers who want to encourage fathers to be more engaged with their children. They are interested in growing to more sites, and are working with SPS to help recruit and encourage new All Pro Dad captains in order to reach this goal.

For more general information, please connect with J or Mike. For specific information, feel free to connect with Dr. Jennifer Baker (

#PresentReady Schools

Why are we so concerned with being “future ready” when we’re not even “present ready?”

from J-

I recently came across two interesting reads that challenged my mindset. One is by Will Richardson (article above), who led our OERI learning this past summer, and the other is a KQED article around making personalization of learning authentic (article below). I hope you find them of value as well.

I'm looking forward to learning with you on Wednesday. Included as an agenda item will be the climate survey discussion. Bret & I will share our results with you, and provide guidance with you sharing them with your staff. Also, you will find out specifics on where the elementary contract has landed. For roundtables, we are happy to have Brady return for support with evaluation processes, as some of you may be starting to think about summatives. We are also happy to have Sherry Wilson joining us, to connect about transitions for ECSE students into Kindergarten.

There are so many amazing things going on at your sites, and I'm looking forward to visiting Sherwood, Twain, Sunshine, Portland, Campbell, McGregor and Westport this week (should all the stars align). I'm also happy to come and connect for any specific needs.

One change of practice I am requesting: For anything that requires my signature (travel, reimbursement, budget, etc...), please send to Gisela Bullard at KAC rather than to me. It is more efficient for Gisela to process first and bring to me for final signatures than in the opposite order. She will also follow-up on either getting the paperwork back to you or in getting it directly to the appropriate department.

Have a fantastic week! (this includes the Valentine/Friendship/whatever PC term applies Parties - which I assume will take place on Friday this week)

Do Personalized Lrng Programs Offer Authentic Choices?

Something to challenge your thinking as we make personalization authentic-

Appropriate for the 3rd Qtr Grind...Keep thriving!

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