units of earth

Alec I


earthquakes are evidence that the plates are moving. the landscapes that these plates can make are mountains. This shows that the plates are moving into each other. Pangaea is a model of earth a billion years ago. this model shows that the plates have moved but they move very..very slow. all plates have fault line but only some of these you can see there are three different types of faults. there are normal faults, transform fault and a strike-slip fault.


about erosion

erosion is a type of weathering that moves rocks and soil and rots them away by air and water and some times glaciers. wind, water, and ice are the three main erosion types. water is the most effective. Air is the least most effective erosion.




rocks and minerals

The rock cycle

the rock cycle is what rocks go through and turn into or form a rock. each rock is altered or destroyed. an igneous rock may break down and dissolve. the rock cycle shows how the 3 rocks are the same in some way and change from time to time.


Is formed by high heat and pressure in water.

identifying minerals

you identify a mineral by its, color, shine, hardness, and streak.

what i liked about the unit

my favorite part of this unit was when we did the stations and my favorite part of that was the rock lab.