From our teachers: What might be a transfer goal for reflection that would be meaningful to you?

  • To be more honest with myself
  • To be reflective with colleagues, in my journal, and with my students in order to foster a growth mindset and show growth in my teaching
  • To remember to entertain perspectives of others
  • To remember that reflection is not a mirror that always shows faults
  • To take the time to look back, find the strengths and identify the mistakes, and make improvements to learn and grow as a teacher
  • To not be afraid of the results of reflection

"We do not learn from experience ... we learn from reflecting on experience."

Great teachers know when to make decisions quickly and when to step back and reflect."

Ask yourself:

· What worked in this lesson? How do I know?

· What would I do the same or differently if I could reteach this lesson? Why?

· What root cause might be prompting or perpetuating this student behavior?

· What do I believe about how students learn? How does this belief influence my instruction?

· What data do I need to make an informed decision about this problem?

· Is this the most efficient way to accomplish this task?