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Resources for Successful SBAC Testing!

Preparing for SBAC Administration

Before testing starts, take some time to familiarize yourself with the following resources:

The Directions for Administration has the actual (and necessary) Test Administrator script, as well as step by step directions for setting up the test.

Directions for Administration

Click here for the soft copy Directions for Administration.

Still have questions? Check out the Test Administrator Resource Guide and/or the SBAC Training videos linked below (you may want to consider showing your students portions of these videos as well!).

Setting Up the Testing Environment

Before you administer a test session, please make sure you take some time to set up the testing environment.

  1. Arrange student desks in rows and set up privacy boards (if available) so that students cannot see each other's work.
  2. Take down or cover all instructional materials (posters, vocabulary charts, etc.)
  3. Post “TESTING IN PROGRESS—DO NOT DISTURB” signs outside of the testing room.
  4. Make sure that students do not have access to their cellphones (or any other personal device).
  5. Make sure each testing device or workstation has headphones.
  6. Launch secure browsers on all testing devices before students sit down to test.
  7. Make sure you have each student's login information (SSID and full name).

Administering a Test Session

The TA must create a test session before students can log on to the Student Testing Site. When a TA creates a test session, a unique Session ID is randomly generated. As Test Administrator you will be responsible for ensuring that your students enter the correct session ID, correctly enter their SSID and name, select the correct assessment, and that each student's selected test is approved through the Test Administrator Interface.

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  1. Session ID: You will post this on your board.
  2. Test Selection Table: You will be responsible for enabling the correct Summative Assessment here.
  3. Pending Approvals Notification and Preview table: After students have entered the Session ID and their SSIDs, you will need to approve their selection of test here.
  4. Tests In Your Test Session table: This is where you will monitor student progress through the test.
  5. Log Out Button

A few more important features...

Print: Before ending your session print out a list of student progress (to be used to track progress the next day!).

Stop Session Button: When your session has ended you will stop the session here.

You can use the button below or navigate yourself to the Test Administrator Interface found at: Using your printed Directions for Administration, follow the steps provided and read the provided script aloud to your students.
Test Administrator Interface

Click here to sign in to the Test Administrator Interface and begin a testing session.

Basic Test Rules

  1. Students must answer all test items on a page before going to the next page. Some pages contain multiple items. Students may need to use scroll bars to view all content on a page.
  2. Students may mark (flag) items for review and use the Questions drop-down list to easily return to those items, provided the test has not been paused for more than 20 minutes.
  3. Students may review previously answered items and change their answers only if the test has not been paused for more than 20 minutes.
  4. For tests that contain multiple segments, students may not return to a segment after it has been completed.

Performance Task and Classroom Activity Administration

Each grade level has been assigned a specific performance task to complete in ELA and math. Before students begin the Performance Task, they must participate in a 30 minute Classroom Activity. Classroom Activity administration has not been included on our SBAC Testing Schedule - please schedule at a time that works best for your students.
Classroom Activity Directions for Administration

Click here to access the Classroom Activity Directions for Administration.

The Test Administrator should be able to record information—including any tables, graphics, formulas, or other information contained in the Classroom Activity materials—for students to see, such as on a white board. Computers, projectors, and other technology are allowed but not required for the Classroom Activity.

Recorded information should not be available when students participate in the PT. When the PT is being administered, content from the Classroom Activity should not be available (i.e., do not put any content from the Classroom Activity on the board, in handouts, etc.).

Students may take notes during the Classroom Activity, but the notes may not be used during the PT. Notes must be collected before proceeding to the PT and stored in a secure location until securely shredded.

There should be no more than a three-day lapse between the Classroom Activity and the PT administration. Inadvertently administering the PT before or without the Classroom Activity constitutes a testing irregularity and is not eligible for any appeal if students are administered the PT without the Classroom Activity.

The Classroom Activity is nonsecure; however, it should not be supplemented with any other content that the administrator may think is helpful. Supplementing the Classroom Activity may detract from the intended purpose of the Classroom Activity and is not advised.

Be sure to consider the appropriate accommodations that should be provided to students in the class that would normally be provided during instruction.

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Classroom Activity Materials

To access Classroom Activity Materials click on the title of your assigned activity at this site!

Questions? Concerns?

If you have questions about any of this material - please do not hesitate to ask Mrs. Fennema or Mrs. Pope for some help. We would be happy to spend some time walking through the materials and guidelines.