Prekinder 4

Snapshots of our thinking throughout our learning process.

Dear Parents :

This Month children will explore what makes them special and proud, such as their unique qualities, their interests, and the things they do well. They will talk about how much they’ve grown and changed since they were babies and draw self-portraits.

The children will learn about feelings affect the way people behave. They’ll name things that make them happy, sad, and excited. They will also discuss their roles in their families and in the classroom. Using toys, children will work out how to solve problems. As they listen to music, they will express their feelings through movement.

Central Idea :

The way we express our fellings influences and others

Focus in :

▪Feelings and emotions

▪ Expressing our feelings and emotions in different ways

▪ Building positive relationships

-My friends, My likes and dislikes

-Our similarities and differences.

Focus questions :

People express feelings in different ways for different reasons?

Skills for the upcoming week:

Phonics: Saying the letter sounds A,E,I,O,U

Handwriting: The letters E,I,O,U

Reading: Telling the setting of a story; identifying characters in a story

Writing: Writing to show what I know

Math: Reading, writing, counting, and making the numbers 1 to 10; telling more, less, or the same

Few interesting moments with Pk4 in math

  • Alistair said that he saw a hat and that the point lines he saw were like letters (for example, an A for Alistair!)
  • Abigail kept talking about drain pipes and how they're "all over the place"
  • Nathan agreed with Abigail and said "I guess I see drain pipes, too"
  • They came up with the most interesting ideas... Abigail thought that she was looking at Ocean City which inspired Nathan to read his drawing as a map. He "located" Ocean City on it, then Washington DC, and then the "end of the world"!
  • Everyone agreed that the art piece should be called "Best Artwork In the World".
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PreK4 Sees Lines!



Understanding that people may think and feel differently about things.


children for their ideas about DC. We also invite you to give children an opportunity to explore and express their ideas in a variety of media—e.g., drawing, painting, blocks, and dramatic play

Continue asking children for their ideas about Washington DC


Children Are Citizens (CAC) is a professional development and curriculum project focused on engaging our youngest citizens with the nation’s capital. The project brings together early childhood educators, cultural institution partners, and preschool children and their families from across the District of Columbia.

Inspired by the innovative educational philosophy and practices of the municipal preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, this project advances the notion of children as citizens in their own right, with distinctive contributions to make, within and beyond school grounds.

Snapshots of our thinking throughout our learning process.