Thursday Brief

October 24

From Mrs. Cristan

  • In my office I have a copy of the Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (PRIM book). Please feel free to stop by and access it if needing ideas on how to deal with student academic concerns and/or behaviors.
    • It is filled with great ideas to assist on how to redirect misbehaviors, point charts, interest inventory ideas, suggestions on how to accommodate academic tasks if needed, test/quiz taking skill suggestions, graphic organizers, etc... It is located on the round table in my office – help yourself! :->

  • Physical aggression is on the rise – in lines, recess, and restrooms. Please be proactive and vigilant when supervising these areas.
    • Restroom suggestions that staff implement –
      • restroom monitor(s)
      • students wait outside of restroom instead of forming lines inside of restrooms (monitors allowing one student in as one student exits)
      • create restroom passes (provide reward for those who use them wisely throughout six weeks)

    • Line student monitors –
      • student monitors assist teacher with monitoring as students are walking in lines
      • walk behind students to monitor activity in front of you (you can’t see what’s behind you – they are quick :-<)
      • assign responsible line leader to lead the class
      • assign door openers

    • Recess –
      • proximity control of those students who have a tendency to become physical quickly
      • assigning location in which the student can only play near adult supervision
      • monitor students when playing games that can become intense (football/soccer)
      • classroom discussions / reminders of expectations (class meetings)

If you have any other great suggestions… we are all ears!

From Mrs. Hoover

Thank you all for a very successful writing benchmark. I have a few more scantrons to run and then I will print out your reports.

Interim assessment data is now available in DMAC for Math teachers. Please make sure to examine this information. It is a good reliable resource.

I am still missing a few teacher tutorial time & dates. These were due Friday. Remember this is your morning or afternoon tutorials.

ESL spreadsheet is due November 5th. It is tab 3. Please fill it in completely including reading levels.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, If you are participating in the door decorating contest for Red Ribbon Week, the deadline is Friday, 10/25/19. Also, send me your room number and theme so I can put you on the map. Judges, including Dr. Freeman, will be here on Monday.

A shout out to my Red Ribbon Week Committee members that have helped put together our activities, contest judges, ordered ribbons, and guest speakers: Mrs. Messina, Mrs. Fordyce, Mrs. Featherby, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Owens, and of course Nadine!!

Teachers, when you get ADHD forms, try to get the doctor’s name from the parent before you return them to me. It helps expedite the process of faxing the forms.

I still need Anchored 4 Life crew members (one boy and one girl) from each class. I will be passing out crew member lanyards soon. We will start the A4L program soon.

Crew members are students that will befriend a new student to your class. He/She will sit with them at lunch, introduce them to new friends, and play with them at recess. This is a different role than the A4L team leader.

Weekly Calendar


Monday-FridayOctober28-NoRed Ribbon Week

MondayOctober28“Shade out Drugs”; Wear your cool sunglasses to “Shade Out Drugs”

TuesdayOctober29“Two Cool For Drugs”; Pick a friend and dress like twins

WednesdayOctober30“RED-Y to Put A Cap on Drugs”; Wear Red and a Cap

ThursdayOctober31“Drugs Won’t Find Me”-Wear Camouflage clothing today

FridayOctober1“Lei Off Drugs”-Wear Lei and/or Hawaiian shirt

TuesdayOctober29Family Literacy Night 6:00-7:00Common

WednesdayOctober30Halloween Luncheon


ThursdayOctober31Progress Reports

ThursdayOctober31Agricluture Awareness DayAll DayRobstown3rd Grade Field Trip


We have Watch Dogs!!!!! Tomorrow we will actually have 3 on campus! If you are in need of some help with kids, tasks, or would like some male role models to mentor in your room, please email Mrs. V or Mrs. Hoover! If not tomorrow, let them know. We have had them pretty much every week. Thanks!

LAST CALL PLEASE!!!!!!!! September/October Pictures Video !!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!

We've had lot's of fun happening!!!! Please upload your videos through nextweek. I'll probably wait and send the newsletter on Sunday, November 2nd so I can include all the RED RIBBON AND Agriculture Awareness Field Trip FUN pictures.

Please add any pictures here from September/October for my November Newsletter video. Make sure students are good for public. Please include pictures from Dot Day, Constitution Day, Parent Orientation, Patriot Day, anything else fun :).

Staff Halloween Luncheon

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 11:30am to Thursday, Oct. 31st, 1:30pm


Join in on the Ghoulish Fun at our Halloween Luncheon!

4th Grade Teachers and Paras – finger foods

Pod 1 & 2 – fruit

Pod 3 & 4 – veggies

Pod 6 – ice and drinks

Office (Youngberg, Cristan, Grabowske, Pena, Navar, Villarreal, Browning, Hoover) Salads

Gusler & Paras, Debler, Maslyk, Hanna, Ortiz, Owens & Para, Webster – napkins, plates, utensils, cups for 200

Quesada & Para, Harms, Edge, Biggerstaff, Steinbrook & Paras, Revett, McColskey, Garza, PE & Paras, Williams – desserts

Positivity Project Week Seven: CREATIVITY

This is the google drive folder that has all of the resources I use. If you use please refer to the paper I send and this folder you can access the videos if they don't work. It is too much work for me to copy each link. Also, there are many other resources and activities on this folder you can access if you have time and want to explore the character traits more.

Here is this week's AGENDA for CREATIVITY:

RTI Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 3-5pm

Nikol's Office

Sorry I had to move to a Wednesday again! Thursday is Halloween and these tend to run late!!!! Please RSVP and we will schedule a time.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.