All About Me!

Julia K. Purcell


I'm Julia Kate Purcell! But you can call me Julia. Most of you know me at school, But the way I act at school, is totally different from the way I act everywhere else...

P.S I'm not lying...

My Hobbies!

My hobbies are really simple to be honest.

I love to ride horses when I have time, I love art ( drawing, painting, coloring, etc.)

I play Games...A Lot. Like Temple Run, Minecraft, etc.

Pixie! (My Dog)

I have 1 pet, and her name is Pixie! She's my dog. Pixie is a Pomeranian. She has black fur and it looks like she stepped in white paint! Isn't that funny?

Pixie is almost 4 years old her birthday is April 1st! (April Fools Day)