endangered animals


orangutans belong to the ape family they also belong to humans aswell.


The orangutans are brown and there face is black and they have
fur on their body.


The orangutans swing on trees
and they walk.


The orangutans live in trees and they also live
in the in the wild and in the rainforest.


the orangutans eat fruit and young leaves,flowers,barks,and insects and they also eat healthy food and birds eggs too.

Other intresting facts?

Orangutans are losing their habitat and have become endangered.

Orangutans most orangutan s are 4 to 5 feet long some can reach a length

of 6 feet.Orangutans are also killed and their

young are taken.1,000 orangutans are also killed every year.

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Extinct or Endangered why

The orangutans are endangered because people are wrecking their habitat by cutting down the trees.

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