Primary and Secondary


Descripition of Primary and Secondary Succession that you need to know

Primary Succession~ Primary Succession means there was no community before

Secoundary Succession~ Secoundary Succession means there was a community before

Climax Community~ Is a biological community of plants and animals which, through the process of ecological succession

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Primary Succession (Picture 1)

In picture one of Primary Seccession it shows that it bascialy started from nothing and became something.So it started from like rock, lava, sand exposed rock that type of stuff so bascaily think of it as nothing then over time there begins to be dirt then plants and it rains so the plants grow an grow and grow till a bush then turns into trees in then you have a Climax Community.

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Secondary Succession (Picture 2)

In picture of two of Secondary Succession it is diffrent from Primary Succession because in Primary Succession it started from nothing but if you look at the secound picture and compare it to the first you can see a fire.This peice of land didn't just apper over time it started on a certain event and that fire is just that certain event. Just like the primary photo over time it turned into a Climax community