Digital Teaching and Learning

March 24, 2021

"I never lose. I either win or learn."

-Nelson Mandela

This week, consider what failure can teach us about success.

  • How is your current room/instructional set-up helping you facilitate hybrid teaching and learning?
  • When have you experienced a set-back in distance/hybrid teaching and services? How did you reflect and change your instructional or service strategy?
  • How are you embracing the messiness that can come with trying new strategies? How do you encourage your students?

Michelle Watson, high school educator, reflects on what she has learned from challenges:

Hybrid Teaching, Secondary Teacher Mindset
Heather DiSciorio, HCPS service provider, reflects on what she has learned from challenges:
The Hybrid Learning Mindset: School service provider

Voices from the field: Hybrid teaching and learning at Joppatowne High School

Question: What are some success stories from hybrid teaching and learning?

  • "Our teachers have learned so much on their own, so fast, with trial and error--they have grown leaps and bounds--especially in what itslearning can offer."
    - Kris Marzullo, AP
  • "Using and navigating itslearning is a college career ready skill, as colleges use an LMS of some sort for curating resources and student submission of work or discussion posts."
    - Corey Geho
  • "I used to feel I had to be on all the time: giving instruction, etc. But now I give students time to think and process. I ask them to record their voice using Windows Voice recorder, or using audio in PowerPoint. Hearing their voice helps me know them. It's like they are here. At-home students are more comfortable recording their voice at home."
    - Gina Wilson
  • "Most of my high school students use the itslearning app on their smart phones, where they check messages and notifications from me."
    - Becky Scarlato
  • "I assign an in-class student to be my "chat monitor" when I am showing or teaching on screen."
    - Megan Bongiovanni
  • "As students work, my special educator and I use itslearning assignment and give students process feedback in the Discussion space BEFORE they ever submit their work."
    -Amy Lloyd
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  • "My students have creative choice as they design their own city block plan (some draw, some use tech), using Geometry. I give them a closure poll in the Chat at the end of every class."
    - Emily Richards
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  • "To let students learn at their own pace, I ask them to watch a video I've used in itslearning playlist. Students will split their screens. They take notes at the same time they watch and pause the video."
    - Becky Scarlato
  • "I give students incentive for turning in work by end of period, they receive an extra point. In English class, I remind them to read if they finish early--they have a Reading growth chart that is turned in by end of quarter."
    -Gina Wilson
  • "I have my laptop, extra device, doc cam, slate (so I can draw on screen), dry erase whiteboard, and my phone (where I follow the class chat) at a standing station in my room."
    - Emily Richards
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  • "I provide an answer key in the front of my room, so in-person students can get up out of their seats once they complete an assessment."
    - Becky Scarlato
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