Student Solutions

A package of services just for 299 Euros!

IE Students


Is a law firm with experienced lawyers who will take care of all that "stuff" that requires time and organization. We will help you manage your paper work (i.e. student visa extension, entrepreneurship visa application) when you are so saddled with so many other chores.

We provide all the services you will surely need during your studies in Spain!

Services we offer:

  • Find your perfect apartment near IE
  • Appointments to get your NIE/Student card
  • Empadronamientos
  • Opening a bank account without your NIE
  • Hiring a telephone company, internet/tv, etc.
  • Extension of your student visa
  • Job visa
  • Credits
  • Help with warranties to rent your apartment
  • Help with your embassy

Contact us.

We are just 5 minutes from IE.

Calle Breton de los Herreros 22, Madrid.