Everything you need to know for the first day of school

Getting Ready for the First Day of School

Hopefully all of you have your uniforms and backpacks ready, mandatory forms completed and ready to submit (if you haven't sent them in to us yet), hair cut to meet grooming guidelines, snack ready to pack and lots of smiles ready to be shared! Our teachers have had a great few days of preparing for their students and all of us are excited for our SPES cougars to come back to their home away from home. We encourage you to get started with a good bedtime routine tonight and a good "brain food" breakfast in the morning.

This bulletin contains reminders of things we feel you may need during the first few days of school before we start our Monday "THIS WEEK AT SPES" bulletins. Remember - you can visit RenWeb's calendar at any time to find out dates, times and details about school events and activities.
Ren Web's Newsletter link will always have the most recent newsletter if yours gets lost in the shuffle during the week. Our parents of athletes can visit the athletic calendar ( for real-time information about practice and game times as well as cancellations.

Please be sure to review the attached flyer which provides information about Raptor, our new parent volunteer safety ID/sign-in system. We have added this additional layer of security to our visitor check-in to assure your child(ren)'s safety. You will see a video about the system on Back To School Night but, until then, we ask you to allot a few extra minutes the first time you come to visit to allow us to register you with the system.

Know that we will love your children as our own and will help them along their way through their SPES years as we all live our lives bringing the presence of Christ to one another.

God bless,
Jamie Nelson-Hebert
Director of Advancement
"Bringing the presence of Christ to others"