Pratt's Primary Corner

Weekly Update- November 16, 2018

Week at a Glance

Reading- This week we talked about how point of view changes the message readers are given. For example, we read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (told by the wolf) and discussed how we felt differently about the wolf based on this perspective.

Math- We started unit 3 this week which focuses on rounding and multi-digit addition and subtraction.

Science/Social Studies- This week we started talking about food to move us into our food security unit. We read an article about what grows in Ohio, and next week we will have a speaker from Farm to Table speak to the kids about how they get their own food.

Writing- We are taking a break from Lucy Calkins writing for 2 weeks to focus on our food unit. After Thanksgiving break, students will be creating an informational product to teach someone about a food that grows in Ohio.

No homework menu this week

Unit 3 Math Focus

If you feel your child is struggling with this concept something that might help them is using manipulatives to build out the problem so they can conceptualize what is happening. There are place value blocks online that you could print off if you'd like to use those. Also, allowing your child to use strategies that work for them is helpful as well. Some students are breaking numbers into place value parts (54+82 becomes 50+80 and 4+2)... some are using a number line to make large jumps and some are using a give & take strategy (example: 299+43 becomes 300+42).

My main focus is that students conceptually understand what is happening when we add and subtract, which is why the traditional algorithm comes much later.

Jo Boaler is a researcher out of Stanford who has done a lot of research on math achievement in students. Here is a useful article written by her that explains 12 steps to help your child succeed in math:

MAP Testing

We will be taking the math MAP test on Friday, Dec. 7th and the reading MAP test on Tuesday, Dec. 11th.

Wish List

I had several parents at conferences ask what they could donate to our classroom, so here are a few ideas. Please don't feel obligated.

  • Small Treasure Box Items- things you might find in party favors or Target dollar spot
  • Extra snacks (peanut free) for students who forget theirs
  • Large post it notes for writing workshop (size 8x6 or around that size)
  • Books! Some classroom faves are Goosebumps, Who Would Win, Record Books, Weird but True Facts

Thanksgiving break begins on Wednesday, November 21st.